8 fashionable movie characters

Fashion is influenced by many different things in life, and perhaps one of the most inspiring sources is Hollywood. Many characters that have appeared in films have influenced runway designs as well as popular trends. Let’s look at the top 10 trendsetters on the silver screen.

Andy Sachs, “The Devil Wears Prada” 

The title of the movie makes it pretty obvious that fashion will play a big part of the storyline, and it does with character Andy. Once she begins working for the fashion giant ‘Runway Magazine’, she becomes quite the style setter.

Julian Kaye, “American Gigolo”

Giorgio Armani suits were donned by this title character who even helped spur demand for these classic suits.

Bruce Wayne, “The Dark Knight”
When not wearing his Batman suit, Wayne can be seen also wearing classic Armani Suits. Who knew Batman also had a fashionable side?

Nina Sayers, “Black Swan”

The ballerina is known for high fashion garments such as feather tutus and crystal tiaras.

Cher Horowitz “Clueless”

Alicia Silverstone’s character showed woman all over the world how accessories are an integral part of completing the perfect outfit.

Susan, “Desperately Seeking Susan”

In this 80’s film, Madonna, is the icon of fashion. She flawlessly pulls together outfits with 80’s trends like headbands, leggings, lace and the obligatory big hair.

James Bond, “Quantum of Solace”

Usually found in casinos Bond has long been synonymous with style and charm, although he might not have to dress up to play online casino games on sites like CasinoOnline.nz. His fashion choices also shine with Tom Ford’s suits being worn by the super spy in this flick.

Derek Zoolander, “Zoolander”

Male model extraordinaire, Derek Zoolander, wore some interesting looks in this film including leather pants and velour suits. Have you seen Zoolander 2? I absolutely loved it.