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The Royal Wedding

What an incredibly girly day! Michelle and Tanya came over for a bit of a Will and Kate party with tea and cupcakes, later Michelle got a haircut, we had soy lattes, we went shopping for make-up, we went back home and gave ourselves pretty manicures and then we Youtubed cute cat-videos.

Song of the day: The Black Atlantic - Fragile Meadow (amazing Dutch band, listen if you're into Fleet Foxes or Great Lake Swimmers)


27th of April

Primark skirt, H&M Conscious Collection top, Bershka hat.
Photos by Daniel

Sorry for my lack of updating! My time outside is seriously cutting into my time online.

My dear Elke came to Amsterdam! I love her, she is pretty and wonderful and fun and her hair is really long and she sings nice and she's one of my best friends ever.

We walked around town and then we had a picnic with some more friends and then we went to see Balthazar at Paradiso. Fun times!


23rd of April

Yesterday me and the boy had a lovely little barbecue at Westerpark. I love living so close to this giant park, it's like having a massive backyard.

Okay, no time for computers, I'm going back to my balcony!

Song of the day: Here We Go Magic - Tunnelvision


21st of April

Dress from H&M Conscious Collection.
photos by Daniel.
It's really been summery. I've been sunbathing on my balcony, but during the day it's just way too hot! It gets up to 35 degrees there. It's April! In Holland! I love this. We eat our dinner in the park every day when Daniel comes home from work, I think tonight we're going to have a barbecue.

Song of the day: Sigur Rós - Gobbledigook


18th of April

River Island top, Modcloth dress.

Each year I am overwhelmed by how beautiful Amsterdam is in spring.

Song of the day: Veronica Maggio - Jag Kommer


14th of April

As you probably already knew, I've been sick for about a week last week, now I'm short on outfit-pictures cause we usually take them a couple days in advance so I have a bit of a buffer. Anyway, here's a picture I took while I was sick, it's for a school assignment on where I am in my life right now.

I'm feeling better, but I failed almost everything in school this semester because of this, which really sucks.

Song of the day: Connan Mockasin - Megumi The Milkyway Above


Modcloth love / pastel stuff

Set the Barre DressAt Last We Pleat DressList of Kisses Dress
Pintuck Everlasting FrockBunch of Fun Dress in DaybreakGentle Calm Dress
To the Lighthouse DressButtermilk Scones DressStorybook Beginning Dress

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