28th of July

Top from H&M, vintage shorts.
Photos by Sydney Francisco

I'm planning lots of exciting things for the next few weeks. There will be lots of festivals, lots of traveling and my best friend Keeran is getting married! I'm super excited!


22nd of July

Playsuit from Motel, shoes from Topshop.
Photos by Sydney Francisco

Heatwave! Tropical temperatures have finally arrived to Holland. Went to visit my parents in the south of Holland, a weekend full of sun bathing, ice cream eating and bike rides in the country side. Lovely! For more updates, follow me on Instagram!


Barcelona and Tarragona

A short report from when I went to Spain again last weekend! This trip was a bit less active than the last one, mainly because it was just too hot to do anything. We did go to a town called Tarragona, about 100km from Barcelona, 15€ for a return ticket from the city center. Definitely worth checking out if you're going to spend more time in this area.

The beaches are absolutely stunning. Extremely calm and quiet compared to Barcelona or Sitges. Whereas I'd never leave my stuff unattended on the beach in BCN, it felt safe enough to both go into the water and just keep an eye on our belongings. Lots of families and couples on this beach.

This is a town that you can see most of within a few hours. It's really small but it has a lot of beautiful old buildings from Roman times. The area around Tarragona is supposed to be even more stunning, but alas, we can't drive.

This is Keith's housemate's cat. She's the fluffiest cat in the whole wide world!

We went for a picnic on top of a hill in Barcelona. At the abandoned Civil War bunkers at TurĂ³ de la Rovira you have an amazing view of the whole city: the ocean and the city center in front of you, Mt Tibidabo behind you. Perfect spot to watch the sun set (and the lights go on!) while enjoying some cheap wine.

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19th of July

Top from H&M, shorts from River Island, sunnies from Giorgio Armani, shoes from Choies, DIY Death From Above canvas bag.

I just came back from Barcelona and for once it wasn't a total nightmare coming back to Amsterdam, because the summer weather has finally arrived in the north of Europe as well! I can really get used to wearing shorts and crop tops.

Song of the day: Death From Above 1979 - If We Don't Make It We'll Fake It


13th of July

Shirt from Mishka NYC, shorts from River Island, shoes from Topshop

I'm in Barcelona at the moment! Having a really nice time but it's really too hot to do anything, so today we decided to hide out at the Aquarium which was a lot of fun.

Song of the day: Local Natives - Sun Hands


5th of July

Secondhand dungarees and flannel, H&M striped top
photos by Elvira Porcedda

Thanks for all of your Barcelona tips after my last post! I'll certainly have enough to do this time around and lots of yummy things to eat.

Tonight I'm going to Pitch festival here in Amsterdam, should be lots of fun! I'm gonna see Django Django, James Blake, Junip, Disclosure, Azealia Banks, Chvrches and tons of other cool things.


Barcelona disposables

If you follow me on Instagram, you've probably already seen some of these. When I went to Barcelona a little while ago I brought two disposable cameras. I had forgotten how much fun it is too shoot with them! I'm going back to Barcelona in a few days and I was just wondering if you guys had some more tips for me. I've been there many times before and some of you have sent me some great tips already, but more is always welcome cause I'm gonna have quite a bit of alone time this time around.