Back from Paris!

With lots of photos! Had a great time, lovely weather, we went to Disney and it was megamegafun. I'll put up more photos later!

Al Bowlly -Guilty (Off the Amélie soundtrack)


Off to Paris!

I got back from De Affaire yesterday and I'm leaving for Paris in an hour! So I'll see you in a week!


Short update from Nijmegen




And some pictures:

Unfortunately these will be the last clips and photos for this week, I seem to have misplaced/forgotten my battery charger.


Style inspiration: Rick Moranis?

Just trying out different looks with the same outfit.

The tshirt is self-made, skirt from H&M, the gold peeptoe pumps are by Mishka, the mini-briefcase and the Doc Martens are second-hand. The book I'm ever-so-pretentiously holding is The Diving-Bell and The Butterfly by Jean-Dominique Bauby. Definitely something you need to read if you haven't yet!

Seeing this made me cry:Purchase of these monsters should come with a lifetime supply of punches in the ear.

And now for the music! Tomorrow I'm off to Nijmegen to enjoy a week of wonderful music at De-Affaire! I'm so excited, last year's edition was one of the most awesome festival I'd ever been to. Animal Collective, The Rapture, The Presets, Au Revoir Simone, The Jai Alai Savant, Bonde Do Role, Das Pop, Konono #1 and many many more, (like The Tellers, whose music I wasn't impressed by at all, but I did end up dating their bassplayer haha)

Well, so this year has my top artist on Last.fm, Why?, and my #9, Liars. Plus Get Well Soon, The Subs, Devotchka, Invasives, Pivot, Chrome Hoof, Mugison, The Teenagers, Late Of The Pier, Phosphorescent and many many bands I've never heard of! I'll keep you posted cause I'm staying with my brother (yay for not camping!).

Why? - Fall Saddles
Liars - Clear Island


My friend Goo has a real tattoo

My outfit for today:

I made the tshirt myself!

If anyone would ever ask me why I love techno, I could only answer with these two songs:
Soulwax - Miserable Girl (Nite Version)
(The bit after 1:20 always makes me spazz. The best minute in music ever. Ever.)
Tiga - Move My Body (ONLY4EROLMIX)



5 Days Off was brilliant! I promised I'd update on that so here we go: It started off quite legendary cause never before had I queued for AN HOUR AND 10 MINUTES to get into a venue :/

Due to the unexpected delay we missed half of Yelle. Still though, she was adorable, energetic and much more respectable as an artist and a band than you'd expect (not to sound mean, but, yeah... come on.)

Listen: Yelle - Je Veux Te Voir

Santogold cancelled, I didn't mind at all; first of all because I really don't 'get' this whole hype around her, she's like MIA... but worse and quite boring :/ But most of all I was happy 'cause their slot was filled by Vive La Fête! I adore Els Pynoo, she couldn't sing in key to save her life but I love her energy and her style.

Listen: Vive La Fête - Assez

After that was MSTRKRFT, it had been a while since I did some proper dancing with my friends, so thank you MSTRKRFT. Oh, and any man who thinks he can win my heart, should grow a MSTRKRFT-moustache first. Mmmhm.

Listen: Death From Above 1979 - Sexy Results (MSTRKFRT Edition)

In other news, I bought a new dress today and I love it. It's beauty shines through the fact that emo-kids kind of ruined colourful star-patterns.
Dress - Tobakko
Leggins - Wonder Woman
Shoes - Discount store


The 90s ended too soon...

..so now I still wear demin jackets and slip dresses and army-esque boots.

Jacket, slip dress - vintage, boots - Tati, necklaces - vintage & H&M.

Listen: Sonic Youth - Dirty Boots
Sonic Youth - The World Looks Red (from which I derived the title of my blog)

I had a great time at 5 days off, I'll update on that later, I think.