30th of September

As a big fan of cute blouses with peter pan collars, I was super excited to find a lovely package from Miss Patina on my doormat with this lovely number in it! As always there's amazing attention to detail: I love the little black buttons and the ribbon around the neck... Today I wore this with a grey skirt from H&M and a vintage headpiece, yesterday I wore it with some high-waisted shorts. I also got another awesome dress that I will show you later.

Unfortunately I can't wear pretty clothes all the time cause I'm still in the process of remodeling my apartment; I'm basically paint-stained 24/7. But I already managed to jazz up two boring wooden closets to a lovely and clean white. Now I'm thinking about the color of my walls.

Thanks for all the TV-show suggestions. I guess I'll never have a chance at being bored again!

OOOOH and I just reached 500 followers!
You are all so lovely!


27th of September

My dress is from H&M.

Another busy week, really.. My brother and his girlfriend came to visit me over the weekend, which was really fun. They finally got me to see Inception, which I wasn't initially excited by cause I really don't like action-movies. But I LOVED it. I think the promotion I've seen paints such a faulty picture of what the film is actually like. Thought it was great, I loved how complicated it was.

Now I have to work on a ton of school-assignments, but of course it's much more appealing to watch 5 episodes of Gilmore Girls each day. I'm down to the least season and have to find a new series to watch. Any suggestions?


23rd of September

I've been making some prints for a schoolproject. I probably won't have them back for another couple of weeks but if anyone wants to call dibs on these babies, drop me a line! They're 15 x 15 cm or 11,5 x 15 cm, if you want them sooner I can have some extras printed. Or if you want any other photo from my Flickr stream, that can also be arranged. They go for 4€ a piece plus shipping (combined shipping won't cost extra, of course).
Click to enlarge!

And I found this lovely Minolta X-300 at the secondhandshop yesterday for 10€! It's super lightweight and has a 50mm objective, which is my favorite to shoot with.



I've been getting some questions about where the title of my blog comes from. Well here it is:
I was (and am) a very big Sonic Youth fan. But in all honesty I put my iTunes playlist on random and decided the first thing that came up was gonna be my blog-title, as long as it wasn't anything like S Club Party or Surfin U.S.A.


Extreme home make-over and exciting news

I'm planning to do a lot more of outfitposts from now on. I redecorated my kitchen (well, obviously I haven't painted yet), so I created enough space to take photos there, seeing as it's the only place in my house with good light.

There will be a lot more redecorating going on in the foreseeable future. My friend Clara is moving in and all her painting and rearranging and cleaning is motivating me to finally make my room feel like a home; paint my walls a nice colour (taupe maybe?), paint some furniture, put up pictures, mirrors, cleaning out my closets...

BIG NEWS, too! If all goes well Daniel will move here at the end of December. It's so unreal that it might finally be happening. It gives me all kinds of feelings, most of which are along the line of excited, exhilarated, etc. We've been in a long distance relationship for nearly two years. On the other hand I'm quite nervous, there's a lot to be arranged. Plus I've never lived with a boyfriend before, so it's pretty exciting. And I'll miss my home and my friends in Sweden, but luckily we can still visit whenever, plus our apartment is being taken over by a friend, so there's a chance of going back in a few years time.

Everything will work out beautifully, anyway: being with Daniel will take away so much of the sadness that's been bringing me down, making me boring and demotivated and tired and reclusive, making me not want to do anything at all. So, you can expect Laura 2.0 from 2011 on. I'll keep boring you with every little detail until then, of course.

I've been replying most of my big big stack of emails (so sorry for the delay). I just wanted to say that however futile and ridiculous this blog might seem to most people, I really really appreciate all the love I get from you, you give me so much support and strength, I wish I could know all of you in real life and give you back the love you deserve.


Tokyo fusion

Yesterday we went to a themed party at Världskulturmuseet, to celebrate the opening of their 'Kimono Fusion' exhibition.
You got to go in for free if you were dressed up, so Minna (Niklas' girlfriend) provided Niklas and Danny with these lovely costumes. I wore this dress:

My favorite costume of the evening: Gizmo!

Minna was a cute bunny.
Then, when we were drunk enough, we thought it would be a good idea to sing Bohemian Rhapsody in the karaoke-room. WE ROCKED.

How embarrassing, someone showed up in the same outfit...

By the way, I'm selling the dress I was wearing. I recently bought it on eBay but it's too big for me, I think it'd look much prettier on a curvier girl... I think it fits like a Large (I pinned the shoulders back under the collar, that's why it looks small on the shoulders). For 30€ it could be yours. Send me an e-mail if you're interested, then I can give you more details (measurements) and more pictures.

Today it's Daniels birthday! We are throwing a little party tonight so I'm gonna be baking cupcakes all afternoon.




Here are quite a lot of pictures of me between 2004 and 2008, when I wore outfits that I stuck to my body with tape and I was a party girl and I was blond for a while and I would do lots of fun stuff with people I really miss right now. I guess these years were supposed to be the prime of my life? Being a teenager was fun anyhow.

Going through old pictures is also fun.


16th of September

I bought a plain red dress and attached a white collar to it.

I'm in Sweden right now, just for 4 days but I'll be there for Daniels 29th birthday, which is saturday! Ooh!


The Moschino belt investigation

I forgot to tell you I was featured in this article on Hypeed.com about Moschino belts!



Things I wish I owned this fall, from Modcloth.
Oh, the pretty things... But I still wish it could stay summer for ever.


11th of September

I found this dress at Zara today and I'm in love with it: the peter pan collar, polkadots and the colour, everything is perfect. I know this is going to be one of my favorite items for fall!

lilla söta katten

Meet little Elin, she came to live with my brother. He had to check my bag when I left to make sure I wouldn't take her home.


6th of September

this is us, this is ours

It's good that he came home to me one week after I left Sweden. It's so hard to be without each other. This weekend we have been acting like an old married couple; cleaning the house, feeding ducks in the park, watching tons of Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares and going to bed at 22.00. He leaves on wednesday so then I'll be back to being internet-bound and I can give all of you the attention you deserve (please take this as an apology for not answering your mails. I do appreciate every single one of them a lot and I wish I was better at showing it. I promise all of you will get an answer soon.)