Ok you guys, i must admit it's pretty damn hot outside.
Cant seem to get the heat out of my house.

No, I will never ever get a tan.

I'm packing my suitcase for real this time. Just went into town to do some last shoppings in the Dutch final sales, before feasting on the Swedish ones (well, without spending too much money of course).

Can't wait til I get to Gothenburg tomorrow. It'll be the first time in over a month Daniel and I will get some real 'you and me time'. I've missed him more than I ever deemed possible. We still have to celebrate my birthday and our 7 month anniversary, which we both missed cause he was out touring.

By the way, looking at my list of June-posts, I must conclude I've been blogging more than ever this month. Hope it's all still enjoyable.


Sunshine Cleaning

Elke is carrying this season's absolute must-have; the EF-tote bag! ;)

Yesterday was my last night in Amsterdam for now. When I come back in two months, Elke will have moved back to Belgium. Kind of sad, it was really nice to have her here. We went to see Sunshine Cleaning, I really liked that movie!

I'm wearing an old black blazer that I put shoulder pads in.
I'm so obsessed with shoulderpads right now.


Moise festival

Rosa and Julien had to play at Moise festival, a free festival in a suburb of Amsterdam. We had a really great day, even though it was often a bit cloudy and sometimes a bit TOO warm. The festival looked so nice!

Rosalie, Jules and Rosa

Rosa and Vrederick

Nice vegan foodstall, we had amazing homemade fries there and vegan macaroni.

Guitars grow from trees here!

Rosa and I, wayfarin'. These two were taken by Vrederick.

Cute little kids watching the show, clapping and dancing.


The past 24h in pictures

The obligatory MJ post

Goodbye Jacko, loved you as much as you loved kids.

Man, I was really looking forward to those comeback gigs.


New skirt

Crochet, lace, pastels, fringing... This skirt has it ALL. I was really happy when I found it.



Back in January I was lucky enough to be one of the 900 people to witness a super-unique event. Low were playing a one-time exclusive gig at the Catharinachurch in Eindhoven, as the headliner of the Heartland festival. The longest Low gig ever (150 minutes), with a special guest choir, percussionists, and use of the original church organ. The location was absolutely STUNNING. Singer Alan Sparhawk explained to newspaper Trouw that the beauty of the location, is that you can feel that for centuries people have come to this building to find solace and hope. I think that's a beautiful thought.

I didn't blog about it back then cause I wasn't a very active blogger, but was reminded of this gig when I found a complete audio recording of this gig online! I really wanted to share this with you. I wish you could have witnessed it, it was absolutely mindblowing.

You can find all the songs in a zip here.


Things that upset me

Missing my man.

Fat people eating fudge.

That's about it, for now.



By far my favourite part of the zoo is the reptiles-house.
These animals are all so amazing.

Some other animals I really liked today:



No more talk about the old days
It's time for something great

Thom Yorke - Atoms for Peace

14th of June

My hjärtat is writing a tourblog.

Today EF are playing in Vienna, and the following days they will make stops in Brussels, Heidelberg, Innsbruck, Bolzano, Graz, Erfurt, Berlin, Krakow, Leipzig, Lärz, Dresden, Offenbach, and Hamburg.

Yesterday I got a phonecall from my parents, they want to help me out by paying for half of my EOS 1000D, seeing as it's my birthday in less than a week (!) and also cause last year I (99% sure) passed everything in college, which means I'll get my first year diploma. SO SWEET! I'm really happy.

At a store near my parents' the camera was on about 20% discount so they went and bought it. So I HAVE IT, but it's in Venlo with my parents :( Wish I had it already so I could bring it to Brussels tomorrow.


13th of June

Primark Jacket - Ralph Lauren top - Thrifted skirt - Graceland shoes.

Live from the Alps