30th of December

My mother-in-law gave me a H&M giftcard for Christmas. I bought this whole outfit for it! Coat, cardigan and skirt. Tomorrow we are flying back home. It's incredibly cold here and the snow stacks are higher than I am!

Right now I'm playing with cats and our little niece Tuva.


2010 part 2: august - december

The second part of 2010! Click here if you missed the first part.

I hung out lots with dearest Elke.
Daniel's brother got married and we dressed all fancy.
We went to Way Out West festival.
Göteborg was like Little Belgium for a while.

On the few days that it didn't rain, we enjoyed the awesome nature. At the end of August I went back to Holland for a while.


We went to the Kimono Fusion opening-party at Världskulturmuseet. We celebrated Daniel's birthday but my camera had no battery. Had to start school and everyday life again, which was a bit difficult.

I finally redecorated and painted my apartment so I could take more outfit-photos. I started blogging a lot more!

We had a Halloweenparty and I dressed as Dorothy.


Winter arrived, it started snowing. Daniel and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary.

Now we are here in December!
Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! I'm in Sweden now with Daniel's family. There a loooot of snow here!

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26th of December

I bought this dress at Topshop a long time ago! I love the way it moves so I made a little video with my little friend Elin:
Hope you're all having a wonderful Christmas!

Remember you can still enter my Les Jumelles giveaway until 29th of December!


2010 part 1: january - july

I've been looking back on the posts I made during 2010. It's so fun to see what happened over the course of a year. Some things seem really long ago and sometimes I go like: 'has it been that long already?!'...

2010 has been the year where I started taking my blog more seriously and I'd really like to thank all the readers I've gained; I really really appreciate that you read my blog and say such wonderful things!

Here's a summary of what happened in 2010 on The World Looks Red.


All of January was snowy, snowy, snowy.


Spent a lot of time with this guy. ♥


I stayed in bed a lot and watched all seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I bought an iPhone and Daniel and I went to see Owen Pallett in a church.


I went along on tour with Ef for a couple of days. Daniel was gonna be out for two months so later in April I went to Brussels to surprise him when he was playing there. Quite tragically, he could only stay for like an hour because of the traffic-chaos surrounding the Icelandic volcano. I went to Antwerp a week later to make up for lost time.


The first sun! It's so warm on my balcony! ♥

I ran into Avey Tare and Danny Perez before the screening of Animal Collective's ODDSAC screening. They were super nice and together we sort of lost the way to the venue. I also went to Pinkpop festival for a day and spent the entire day knocking back champers and catching up with friends; I only saw 2 Many DJ's.


I met Jónsi and didn't die (contrary to my expectations).
At the end of June I packed my bags and went to Sweden for the summer.


We spent most of July at Daniels parents' house by the sea, babysitting their cats and enjoying the summer. My dear friend Elke arrived to Gothenburg, it was so nice to get to see her that often; we usually live quite far away from each other (Amsterdam - Ghent).

That was the first half of this year. The second part will follow in a few days!