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Playing at M2LIVE festival in Maastricht.



Oh, I haven't posted in over a month!

Quite a lot has happened. Daniel (from Halo Of Pendor and Ef, from a couple posts back) is now my boyfriend! He is the sweetest person I know, I feel so blessed that he feels the same about me. He was over for a week last week, and he's coming over again soon, at the end of february I'm going to Gothenburg for 10 days.

And I've moved to a new room! I had to move cause my previous one was only temporary. It's in the same house though! Fortunate coincidence. Moving was quite easy, even though we had to get a lot of new stuff because the other room was furnished. But now I could finally decorate it the way i wanted to. Black closets and a persian rug and white walls! It's small but cosy, I'm happy with the way it turned out.