The fact the the universe is neverending makes my head hurt in a pleasant way.


Wouldn't it be nice

This song really defines my mood in so many ways right now.

Oh, you know what had also been nice? If the ATM hadn't swallow my card 2 days before I'm going to Sweden. I bet it's just the universe's way of telling me I shouldn't spend too much money over there .


I love you

It was one of the first things he ever said to me.

Perhaps it's more accurate to say it's one of the first things he ever slurred at me, while taking strands of my hair and holding them under my nose.
'Huh-huh, youave a moustache.'
'Well so do you'
'Haha... hyeaahh. Iwuvyoo.'
I carefully pushed him away and walked back over to the other guys.
'Iwuvyoo, potatogirl! Potatogirl!' (A nickname i got appointed earlier, when we found out about our mutual love for potatoes)

I'm sure he didn't mean it then.

Who would have thought that half a year later, we'd be where we are now.

n.b.: Daniel is making me mention the fact that I was well hammered and very loud that night. I was obviously very attractive.

I should also mention that he is not a retard, but a very intelligent and well-spoken person. When he's sober. And I wuv him very much too.


23-03 Outfit post

Pink top - Ralph Lauren
Knit vest - Sutherland
Leggings - American Apparel
Shorts and longsleeve - H&M

Bravehearted soldier

So there I stood.
Tuesdaynight, 4AM, wearing a nightshirt, boots and rubber gloves.
I'm aiming a can of hairspray in the general direction of where we heard the crackling noise.
'Maybe it was a rat.' says Daniel, who is sitting straight up in bed, face pale, sheets pushed off.
'It wasn't a rat, it was too small to be a rat.
Besides, we've had mice before in this house.'
'Oooh, I hate mice...'

I walk around and kick the garbagebag it was probably rummaging in.
'I think it went back into its hole.'
I point at the hole in the floor, just next to the garbagebag.
Daniel nods while he anxiously inspects the room from his little safehaven.
'Are you sure?'
'Pretty much'

I clog the hole up with a sock and get back into bed.
Can't say I slept well that night cause I'm not particularly fond of mice either.
Bought some poison, steelwool and ducttape, that should solve the problem for now.



Life is amusing to an infinite extent.

Source: thefreedictionary.com
1. fully developed physically or mentally; grown-up
2. (of plans or theories) fully considered and thought-out
3. sensible and balanced in personality and emotional behaviour

Take me to Iceland

When I'm bored on a sunday-afternoon, Heima never fails to make me happy.

No, I don't twitter.

I just don't see the point. I have Facebook and a blog. It's not like anyone cares anyway.

Schoolwork is killing me, I have five days to finish everything I've been procrastinating. Then I'm off to Gothenburg again for 10 days.

I'll use this lack of blogging inspiration to blatantly promote my man's music.

Halo of Pendor - Panic Love (free download)
Halo of Pendor on Myspace
Halo of Pendor on Last.fm


Animal Collective

Animal Collective were great! They played a lot of my favourite songs, as opposed to last time I saw them, when they only played songs no one had ever heard. Also lots off the new album, which I hadn't listened to often, but it's really growing on me now.

This song is so beautiful, i can really identify with it:

I like the way you squeeze my hand
Pulling me into another dream
A lucid dream
I’m getting lost in your curls
I’m getting crushed out on the things
that only I should see
Not for boys, they’re just for me

Girl, you can talk from far away

It’s so hard for me
Only to get the urge to kiss you there
When we’re alone, I wanna say
Let’s just stay in,
no one’s here in our apartment babe
Animal Collective - Bluish

My new favourite book:

I think I'm doing pretty well in this learning Swedish. I know a lot of words now, but making sentences is challenging, to say the least. But I found this little tourist dictionary, which I plan on reading from every day.



We wanted to go to the funfair at Westerpark on Monday, only to find it was closed on monday. Only monday. Argh. It didn't say that anywhere on the posters. So we just hung out around Westerpark, the weather was delightful and we had a great time. I don't have many pictures of this week cause one time I brought my camera, but forgot my memorycard, haha.

We saw MoHa! (as Fire & Ignorance) at OCCII, it was great. Loud loud loud and bright.


Warm light on a winter's day

photo by Maarten Goddijn, 2006

Yesterday was such a nice day, the sun was shining, the air was warm, i got out my sunglasses and unzipped my coat while cycling to school.

It made me realise how much energy good weather gives me. Or really how bad weather makes me uninspired to do anything. It's always a comforting thought that sooner or later, spring and summer will come back.
I'm looking forward to this summer so much. Well, I'm looking forward to this year so much. I'm looking forward to a lot of things.

Tomorrow Danny is coming back, its only for a short time (4 days, more or less) but it's better than nothing. Time goes so fast when he's here, and everything seems to move 10 times slower when he's away.

On tuesday we're going to go see Animal Collective! This is a nice song to get in the summer mood while you're waiting for good weather to come back.
Animal Collective - Brothersport


Outfit post

1: Polkadot playsuit I got in my goodiebag at the Beyond Retro opening party.
2: Second-hand cardigan, skirt H&M, leggings American Apparel, boots Primark.

3: H&M cardigan
4: Primark dress

Song of the day: Department of Eagles - No One Does It Like You


Gothenburg post pt 2

Thursdaynight we went for afterwork buffet with Niklas at Kings Head and after that we went to the opening party for the Beyond Retro-store in Topshop.

åååh I love these guys.

Oooh a necklace to match my man's tattoo! Too bad it was 27€, otherwise it would have been mine. Plus I'm not a big fan of rhinestones.

The next day we were pretty hungover from the free drinks so we decided to go for a walk to get some fresh air in those lungs.

Some other photos:

Home again. I like flying.
Now Danny is coming back next friday.
I think we're managing this pretty damn well.
I'm happy.