Lite för varmt

It's a bit too hot outside so I had a little hideout with the cats.

30th of June

Now we are in Kalmar, where we will be staying for a week while Daniel's parents are on holiday.

Shirt and headband: H&M
Skirt: DIY/vintage
Shoes: Topshop


28th of June

This morning we went to Ikea. We bought tons of things to make the apartment look nicer. Here I'm waiting for the bus with our new carpet. My coat is from Primark.
After Ikea we went into town to go shopping for my birthdaypresent. I found these wonderful shoes at Topshop and Daniel got them for me. I'm really happy with them! My dress is from Vero Moda. Look at how red my legs are!

Tomorrow we will take the train to Kalmar where we will be watching Daniels parents' cats for a few days.


Yesterday we went to Liseberg with Daniel's brother and his fiancé, and Daniels sister and her daughter. Liseberg is the biggest themepark in Scandinavia and we live really close to it, our house is the closest house to the park.

I mostly went on rollercoasters cause I don't like rides that spin and make me nauseous.
Standing in line for hotdogs
Sebastian, Hanna and Angeliqua. We went in this bumperboat ride and I got supersoaked, down to my underwear.
Drying my butt on Westlife's hands.
Hotdogs again. They had sojahotdogs!
Me, a latino and Johanna posing with a trashcan.
Look what I won! And Daniel bought me bunny ears; I had to go for the full Liseberg experience. Today we're going to Ikea!

How was your weekend?
Love, Laura



Today we went to the forest and the lake.

One of the trees had a face!
Trying to dip my feet in the water but it was a bit too cold.
My guy

I had to put on my cardigan despite the heat cause I was getting a sunburn.

When we got back home we had a barbecue in the square outside our house.

Tzay and burgers.

It was lovely! Now I'm going to lay in bed and take care of my sunburnt legs and watch Glee.

26th of June

Yesterday I arrived to Sweden! My flight was supposed to go at 6.45 in the morning so I arrived at the airport at 5.00, only to find that my fight had been delayed by a minimum of 6 hours. So I spent 8 hours at the airport watching Gilmore Girls on my laptop and at 13.00 my plane finally came. I arrived to Gothenburg at 15.00.

Daniel had made our apartment really nice. He got lots of lovely things to eat like strawberries and icecream and he bought me apple-pie for my (late) birthday cause he knows it's my favorite. He also got all my favorite Swedish fashion and gossip magazines.

Then he took me to Max for dinner cause I missed their burgers so much.
This is our lovely new bike.
So many magazines to read!
My cake with candles.
Daniel got a muffin.
Here is the magazine I'm in, but in real life now.

Today is Midsummersday so EVERYTHING is closed but luckily the weather is nice!


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Thought my blog was seriously lacking Radiohead.

Also this is an attempt to hide the fact that I haven't been posting anything interesting lately, with all the packing stress and studying and traveling back and forth I haven't really had time, plus I forgot my camera at my parents' house.

SOON, though, SOON (the day after tomorrow) I will be in Gothenburg with a ton of time on my hands! I had my last exam yesterday so now I'm definitely done with school. Surreal!



Ok, I guess I can't get away with not doing a post on my birthday. I just wanted to say a big thanks for all the lovely comments and e-mails I got! I will answer them soon. I've had people over all weekend, ate lots, got lovely presents and, oh yeah, I'm going to see Roger Waters (Pink Floyd) next year in April! They're going to perform The Wall. Exceptionally psyched.

And because I share my birthday with the amazing Brian Wilson (he turned 68 today), here is one of my favorite songs.


19th of June

Tomorrow is my birthday!
I'm hysterically busy so I'll do another one of those Things I Think I Should Own-posts, now for Topshop:

Maybe my dear man and I should go pay Topshop a little birthdayvisit soon?



It's my birthday on sunday. If anyone of you would like to get my one of these dresses from Modcloth.com, I will seriously consider naming my firstborn, hamster, fish or dog after you, whichever comes first.