London Fashion Week

Photo: Harrods
Last week Anna and I were in London to make a report about London Fashion Week for NSMBL. It was a short visit, but very fun! I wore my favorite outfit: jacket from Lazzari, my skirt from Forever21 and boots from Nelly.com.

photo: Lord Ashbury

Amsterdam taking over London with Cindy, Anna and Yara.


Backstage at Moschino Cheap & Chic. Check out my full report for Dutch NSMBL here.

I love the pineapple bags!

My favorite looks of the show. Im so in love with the shoes.

I had a great time, but I hope I can stay a bit longer next time so I'll have more time to see shows and meet some of you lovely people!


Schoolgirl style for Italian Grazia, part two

Dress c/o Sugarhill Boutique

Here are more detailed photos of the second look I styled for my article on Italian Grazia. I'm so in love with this dress!

Last weekend I was in London for London Fashion Week. It was a very short visit, but fun nonetheless! I'll share some pictures soon.


Schoolgirl style for Italian Grazia

Wearing a Primark pinafore over a chiffon blouse, a Romwe bag (still available in orange here) and Nelly.com boots.

I was super honored when I was asked by Italian Grazia to style two looks in a 'Back to School' theme. Here's one of the looks I styled in more detail. I really like the pristine buttoned-up, long-sleeved look when it's updated with things like mini-length skirts or sky-high heels.

Song of the day: Owen Pallett - Tryst with Mephistopheles


Disneyland: Day Two

After spending the whole first day in the Disneyland Park, we thought we'd spend a part of the second day checking out Disney Studios, where I hadn't been before.

Mickey hugs!

Cars 'n Stars parade. Nowhere near as spectacular as the Disneyland Park parade.

I didn't go on this one. I can deal with the craziest rollercoasters, but anything with a freefall like that is just too much for me.

The Rock 'n Rollercoaster was my second favorite ride in all of Disney! My very favorite ride was the Crush Coaster (also at Disney Studios). I'd say the Studios park is worth a visit if you're going to Disney for more than one day, or maybe pop in for an hour or two before you're going to the original park, but in the end there are really only two coasters (really awesome ones, though) and the Tower Of Terror. The other rides quite boring kids' rides without the magic that the Disneyland Park offers. There are a lot of shows, though, if that's what you're into!

After a couple of hours we decided it was time to head back to the Disneyland Park.


At night we watched the Disney Dreams show again and then it was time to say goodbye to Disney.


Disneyland: Day one

Disney! I wore a shortened H&M dress (from about 7 years ago) and of course my Minnie ears! I also put some effort into a Mickey manicure.

I totally cried when I first saw the castle in the distance. Way too excited.

The most beautiful building in the world.

First ride: Star Tours!

Daniel was super upset because Captain EO was closed. He did end up getting a nice Captain EO shirt.

It's a Small World

Prince Eric's castle

The parade!

Alice in Wonderland labyrinth.

The Peter Pan ride, so pretty!

Swiss Family Robinson treehouse

The Disney Dreams show at the end of the night was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen, no joke. Tons of fireworks, fountains, projections, lasers and all my favorite Disney songs. You can watch the whole show below, but it's of course nowhere near as beautiful as seeing it in real life.

Photos from our second day in Disney will be up soon!