31st of March

Spring is slowly but surely on it's way, and my favorite thing to wear in spring (or whenever, really) are floral print dresses! These are some favorites from my closet:

Oh and for those of you in or near Gothenburg, EF are having a releaseparty for their new album at Sticky Fingers tonight.

I want to be friends with these guys.

Love love love love.


30th of March

I'm really busy these days, like always everything comes down to the last few days of the semester. I'm so stressed out but I made a good planning and know everything will turn out ok in the end cause I'm a good student like that.

I found an internship, which is a big relief. I'm going to work at LiveXS, which is the biggest free musicmagazine in Holland and Belgium. I really like this magazine, I've been reading it since I can remember.

I can't believe how time flies, now it's almost easter again! Any plans? Going to look for eggs or anything? I'm going to visit my parents and hopefully I'll be done with everything and I can relax for a few days and be a better blogger.


28th of March

These are my favourite necklaces.


A really cute video with interview of my dear friend Elke (Love Like Birds). I love her voice.

Love Like Birds from Glimworm on Vimeo.


27th of March

Yesterday I managed to find some time between studying, typing and websitebuilding to go to Streetlab to see the 'Next Level' photography exhibition. My flatmate Vrederick and Sophie Van Der Perre were participating. Had a nice night!

Vrederick's work:

Sophie's work:

The exhibition is still on til 6th of April at Streetlab Projectspace.


26th of March

du och jag

Now he's back in Gothenburg and we will see each other again in about 2 weeks when he is playing in Holland with EF.

It's strange that just a few hours after he leaves, it feels like it was ages ago since he was here. I miss him when he's not around, everything feels a lot more relevant when we're together.


The first week of spring

The first week of spring in pictures. Some are by me and some are by Daniel.


Owen Pallett

awesome [ˈɔːsəm]
1. inspiring awe
2. Slang; excellent or outstanding
3. Owen Pallett

For those of you who don't know Owen Pallett, before 2010 he went by the name of Final Fantasy. He is a brilliant violinist, also known for doing string arrangements for the likes of Arcade Fire and Beirut. In his live performances he uses a loopstation with which he samples himself, plays over what he played before and creates amazing walls of sound. When you close your eyes it's like you're listening to a full string quartet. Take a look at this, it's really fun to watch.

I saw him last monday at a church, where he played some songs off his great new album 'Heartland' but also some older work.


17th of March

Today the weather was wonderful. Finally.

I went out to take pictures but I didn't get much good ones, I couldn't concentrate cause three of these chavvy guys came up to me and were like: 'Hey beautiful, why don't you take pictures of us, hahaha.' Then I wanted to leave. So I went to the secondhandshop instead and I bought a blouse, a knitted top and a coat for 9 euro in total. That cheered me up. And so did the weather. And the giant funfair around the corner. It's all fun fun fun.


Another thing that cheered me up was my phonebill; it was about half of what it was pre-iPhone. I seriously recommend everyone with a longdistance relationship to get iPhones, and I swear I'm not getting paid to say this. You can just do everything over internet, emails and ping instead of texting. It saves me some serious money.

Yesterday Michelle came over for dinner & wine. It's such a shame that I hardly ever see her anymore. She's lovely. After dinner we went to de Nieuwe Anita to see Rosa's new band. It was their first gig and it was lovely. Listen to Bird On The Wire on myspace.

Also, a while ago I bought this skirt and I made it shorter and now I'm excited to wear it this summer.


13th of March



11th of March

Tickets for Owen Pallett and Jónsi Birgisson are in! I'm glad Owen Pallett got rid of that 'Final Fantasy' pseudonim cause it was always really awkward to tell people I love Final Fantasy and they'd assume I meant the game. I don't.

Also psyched about Jónsi's solo-escapades. Everything that man does is golden. He even made DJ Tiësto somewhat bearable. The keyword being 'somewhat'.

Anyway, back to girlygirlness, I posted a new look on Lookbook.


10th of March

I'm back.

It's still impossibly cold outside, so for now I'm confined to my boring white wall. I guess we can all live with that.

By the way, I already invited some of you to the EF-tour facebook event-page, you can find it here. Come over and bring your friends! I'll be there at all the Dutch and Belgian dates, maybe some German ones too. Also, there's a new song up on myspace.

Oh and I'm in the latest issue of RazorMonkey Magazine.


9th of March

I PROMISE new photos tomorrow.

My remote just got in and I bought lots of new clothes at Primark.

I promise.

I downloaded all seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I used to love that show when I was 13 and now I forgot everything so I can watch it all over again and I still love it. This is me aged 13. I liked myself at 13, my hair was nice and long and I had the patience to make crosswords. I still like the same tv-shows and that is still the only bikini I own. Time flies. Wish I could have skipped that whole identitycrisis phase where I cut my hair short and dyed it white and wore ugly clothes and dated the wrong boys.

I guess I learnt a lot though and I landed on my feet and I'm happy about who I am.


4th of March

Jag älskar dig Japan Photo!! I handed in my remote for repair (I didnt even have the receipt) and now I'm getting a new remote! Brilliant. Prepare for random outbursts of creativity!


100 letters.

This was my afternoon today. Daniel and I made Halo of Pendor demo's. We used stamps to make the front and we wrote the tracklist on the back, along with a unique thank you note on every single one. I think I must have written about a 100. It was really fun, it was nice to be creative seeing as I've been so uninspired lately when it comes to photography.

You can buy these on the EF-tour (see the dates here), if there are some left we will be selling them by mail as well. We have to wait and see how things go. On behalf of Daniel I'd like to thank some sweet people who bought Halo Of Pendor's tape release.

Had a really nice weekend but I had to stay longer cause I was sick. I wish I'd just get sick for real for once so that my body develops some defense again these viruses. I've been sick off and on for like the past 3 weeks.