29th of July

Dress from Olive.

Here's another outfit post from when we were in Kalmar! It's been raining all day over here, so these summery photos seem like forever ago.

By the way, for everyone who is in or near Amsterdam: Next Saturday Anna and I will be selling lots of clothes at IJ-hallen market and it will be super cheap and cheerful. I really needed to get rid of some clothes, even though I really love most of it. Every week more and more clothes come in, but I never really get rid of anything up to the point where my whole storage room is just bags of clothes. Feels really good to give my stuff a new home. Looking into opening a shop on Tictail, but I'll let you know when that's ready to go!

Song of the day: Bowerbirds - Tuck The Darkness In (Can't get over how much I love this song. Oh my god, especially the part from 3:30. Singing along at the top of my lungs and thinking about how badly I need to be in a band like this.)


25th of July

Dress c/o Olive.

These photos are actually a few weeks old, but I haven't gotten around to posting them! I've been wearing this dress pretty much non stop, it's my absolute favorite right now.

Have you already entered my Free People giveaway below?

Song of the day: Fever Ray - Coconut


Free People $100 giveaway

A while ago I won a contest on Chictopia and received a $100 gift card for Free People. I ordered some things, but not a lot because the gift card had to cover the $35 shipping fee to The Netherlands. When the package arrived I was asked to pay another €35 in import fees. I told the postman nope and said he could take the package back to the post office.

Now that the package has arrived back at Free People, I've been given back my gift card (well, it's not $100 now, but $95). I thought I might as well give it away to one of my lovely readers! Everyone can enter, but keep in mind the shipping costs and possible customs fee if you live outside of the States. For US citizens the shipping costs are only $7, so you guys are much better off!

All you have to do is follow me on Twitter and leave a comment under this post with your e-mail address so I can send you the giftcard if you win. The giveaway will be closed on the 1st of August at 5PM GMT. Good luck, ladies!


Amsterdam Fashion Week outfit III

Photos by Style-anywhere.com

I'm wearing a sweater from H&M, a skirt from Miss Patina and shoes from Esprit.

I've randomly chosen a winner for the Dahlia giveaway and I'm happy to announce that Anaivilo won! You will be contacted by Dahlia soon.

Song of the day: M83 - Steve McQueen


Amsterdam Fashion Week s/s 2013, part two

Together with blogger buddy Lara Rose, photo by the lovely Michiel of JanMarcel.com. I'm wearing a dress from Olive, a jacket from Lazzari and shoes fromNelly.com

The second part of Fashion Week took a while to put up. I've been really busy this week, I made a really short (20 hours) press trip to Valencia and had to catch up with a lot of work. I have so many things to blog about and so many outfits photographed but no time to edit and post the pictures! Hang in there, it'll get better.

Day 4

Just like for A/W 2012-13, my favorite for S/S 2013 was Winde Riensta. Amazing, echanting, ethereal and SHOES MADE OF LEGO Y'ALL.

Marije de Haan

Sjaak Hullekes. 

Backstage at Gestuz

Day 5

Backstage at Edwin Oudshoorn. HOW GAWJUSS? No words.

Elize Kim was the only where I seriously wanted to wear every single piece. Actually, I was wearing an eyelet dress that day that would fit into this collection pretty well!

Edwin Oudshoorn. Lovely.


Amsterdam Fashion Week s/s 2013, part one

 Jacket from Lazzari, skirt from Forever21.

The photo of me was taken by the super lovely Chantal of Cocorosa, all the photos of the show are taken by me. It's been a busy week with lots and lots of shows, and I still have two days to go! Excuse the photo overload, I tried to keep it as short as possible. Claes Iversen

Marga Weimans
Dominico Cioffi

  Rebecca Ward

  Lichting 2012 - David Laport

  Lichting 2012 - Judith van Vliet

Lichting 2012 - Nadja Wering (I'd wear this in a heartbeat)

Bas Kosters was a big crazy party, a celebration of love set to a medley of all of our favorite love songs.

SIS by Spijkers & Spijkers

Marije Hellwich

 Tony Marcus Sacharius (scored infinite bonus points by choosing Sufjan Stevens as his soundtrack)

Jan Boelo

What are your favorites? Surprisingly my favorites were all during the Lichting show, which shows 14 up and coming designers. Bas Kosters and Jan Boelo, even though they're obviously not something I would wear, were my favorites on the main program.

P.S. Have you already entered my Dahlia giveaway below?