Stripes and denim

H&M dress / vintage denim jacket / Keds sneakers
Photos by Yvet

I've not really been sure what to do with my blog now that Instagram is basically taking over my life. However, I do feel like I should post more outfits here again. It's always difficult with the winters in Holland, when it gets cold and dark and I basically hide in the same boxy sweater each and every day. Bear with me, I will try to be better!



Shark skirt from Lazzari, top from H&M, shoes from Nelly

I am so in love with this ultra quirky shark skirt! Basically everything by Italian brand Lazzari is something I would fall in love with, they're so creative and make things that are a bit silly while still being stylish and not completely ridiculous.



Top from Zara, scuba skirt from Blackfive

Big party today, because NSMBL's been around for three years! I've worked for this magazine for two years now and it's given me some of the loveliest friends and coolest experiences, the biggest of which is that I love going to work every single day. #cheesefest


12th of May

Coat from H&M, second-hand jeans, shoes from River Island

Photos by OOTD Magazine

I've had such a fun week! Went to a festival called London Calling (saw Klaxons and Keira Knightley was there!), Pull & Bear opened their first store in Amsterdam, went to see my friend Tanya who just had a baby, shopped at my favorite fleamarket and watched the Eurovision Songcontest ironically. How was your week?

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7th of May

Shirt from ASOS, jeans from Pull & Bear, shoes from OMODA (here)

This is probably my favorite day-to-day outfit right now. This ASOS shirt has the perfect colour, these jeans are the best ever and the shoes are the comfiest.


Alexandra Grecco

photos by OOTD Magazine

I've been following Alexandra Grecco's work for ages, so when she asked me to style one of her signature pieces I was really excited! Alexandra is known for her dreamy designs with pastel colors and floating fabrics. This bouncy tulle dream makes me feel like a princess or a ballerina or a cupcake or Carrie Bradshaw.


28th of March

Coat from H&M, shoes from Vagabond
Photos by OOTD Magazine

I need new movies to watch because I feel like I've seen all the movies I think I'd like, but I know there's more out there! What are your favorite movies?