21st of December

Tomorrow it's exactly 5 months ago since I uploaded my first photo to Flickr. It's unbelieveable how many positive reactions I've gotten since I started photography, I'm so thankful to everyone who has said kind things about my work. Here's a timeline of all the selfportraits I've uploaded there. Funny to see how the colours get colder when the weather got colder.

Here are two new ones that didn't make it to the collage yet.


Wow, and weird thing happened yesterday, I was watching Clueless and like an hour later my flatmate said that Brittany Murphy died. Same thing happened with Michael Jackson, like 2 days before he died I watched Live In Bucharest. I'm scared to watch movies now, I guess I'll just watch lots of movies with Rob Schneider or Adam Sandler and see what happens.


20th of December

It's been snowing a lot outside! I'm really worried cause lots of flights were cancelled today and tuesday Daniel's supposed to arrive so I do hope the weather gets better. I would die if he's not here for christmas. He's coming on tuesday and we'll spend a couple of days here in Amsterdam, and a couple of days at my parents' house in the south of Holland. After that we'll fly to Daniel's parents in Kalmar to celebrate New Years.

I'm really enjoying my new home, it's nice and warm here and I have a REAL KITCHEN and superfast internet.


17th of December

i am a bird now

It's snowing!


15th of December

Wow, big article about me, with an interview by Sara Moschini on an Italian website called Cool Hunter Italy. So if you understand Italian or want to translate it in one of those translation websites, you can read about my style and my clothes, where I buy my clothes and where I get my inspiration from and such.

I'm not really fluent in Italian but I like that the article starts with the sentence 'Laura è fantastica.'


13th of December

Yesterday I moved to a much nicer and bigger apartment! I live with my friend Willem now, frequent readers of Blend Magazine or my blog may also know him as Vrederick. So yesterday my parents came with their car to move all my stuff and we also went to ikea to get some new things, the bed is new and the little white table as well. And yes, almost everything I own is from Ikea. I live on the fourth floor without an elevator, which is great cause that way I'll get some excersise. I live next to a supermarket, above a pharmacy, next to a petshop, across a retirement home, one minute away from Westerpark and right by a canal... Really nice neighbourhood!


10th of december

THIS SONG. Fucking epic. So beautiful.

I was driving Daniel from my parents' house to the airport and I needed a cd to play in the car. Under a thick layer of dust I found Transatlanticism by Death Cab For Cutie in my old girl room. I saw them live in February 2004, they were playing in a recordstore in Venlo and there were maybe 8 people there. It was wonderful. I bought this cd and listened to it lots throughout 2004 and then sort of forgot about it for years.

It's so nice to listen to music you used to listen to, and find that it's still beautiful though you listen to it with different views and different taste and different feelings.


Warning, really long post with lots of words.

I totally haven't been keeping up, I'm sorry. I was very caught up in real life, so much stuff going on. This is going to be long so bare with me:

Daniel arrived the 4th and we celebrated Sinterklaas (Like Christmas but Dutch and weird) at my parents' house. We got and gave loads of presents, Daniel gave me a Fjällräven backpack and I gave him the Dutch For Dummies-book.

The next day we drove to Düsseldorf and visited the Christmas market and we walked arm in arm through the cold with red noses, and we took cheesy ugly pictures in front of christmas lights.

This came straight out of the camera, I don't know why it's so ugly, haha.

Then we went to Ikea and picked out a new bed and a coffeetable and a tv bench etc.

Cause you see, I'm moving on Saturday! I'm going to move to a much much bigger apartment, with one of my best friends Willem. It's not somewhere Daniel and I can live together (cause of contracts and bureaucratic blabla that will be impossible) but it's in a really cool neighbourhood and it's close to my friends and close to Central Station and doesn't cost that much more than my current apartment.

On monday I got the keys to my new home and then Daniel and I took the train to the sea, where we had a walk along the beach. It was so cold though, so after a short while we found a little café and warmed our hands on some hot coco.


Yesterday we walked though the city and visited second hand shops, and at night we had a Paul Rudd moviemarathon, but kind of by accident at first cause almost all the movies I have are starring Paul Rudd. But we ended the night by watching I Love You Man - AGAIN. It's really our favorite movie. It won't be long til we know all the dialogs by heart.

Today I brought Daniel back to the airport and I listened to my old Death Cab For Cutie cd in the car and sang along really loud while Daniel slept in the passenger seat.

Also, I was interviewed for a Japanese site, which was funny cause I didn't really understand the questions so I just babbled away.

And I got an email from someone at American Apparel asking if they could display my one of my ugliest photos ever in the American Apparel store. Okay.

I think I mentioned everything I wanted to mention, hope you're all well and having a nice beginning of December, I always enjoy it so much when they start playing Christmas songs on the radio and decorations are up everywhere... Too bad I'm always well tired of it by the time it's Christmas.


2nd of December

If someone wants to give me a free ticket to Fever Ray tomorrow you can totally have a free photoprint and my unconditional love. I kept postponing buying a ticket cause it was like 25€ and now it's sold out.

i want a pet wolf


1st of December

Probably my favourite song and I don't think there's a band that will ever reach more plays on my iPod than Why? did. Yoni Wolf is a genius, he just paints pictures with words.

Almost all week I've just been hiding under the sheets waiting for it to be Friday but today I'm going to the zoo and after that I'm having dinner with Michelle. Some of my best memories are with her. She used to be my party partner-in-crime, but now we're both like settled housewives, unfortunately we hardly see each other anymore. Such a shame.

By the way, I think I must have bought 2 kilo's of those Gold Kiwi's yesterday. Fuck, most amazing food in the world, blows my mind.


30th of November

I have lots of new photos on my Flickr and here are the most recent ones. I feel like a bond-girl in this outfit.

I noticed on Flickrstats that my photos were getting loads of views from Flickr tag searches, so I went to have a look where all these views were coming from.
If you search for the tags love, hug, boy, girl, forest, göteborg OR sweden; in EACH of these tags my photo ends up in the top 5 most interesting on all of flickr. That was quite shocking haha.


27th of November



26th of November

Hah, I just got the grades from last semester's exams back; I had a 9,4 (!) and three 7,0's. That made me really happy.


25th of November

one year

Today we've been together for a year, and happier than ever. Yesterday we went on a date, Daniel dressed up nicely with a bowtie. We had dinner at our favourite Italian restaurant, we went to see the new Woody Allen movie and afterwards we curled up with a blanket and hot coco and we watched our favourite movie I Love You Man.


19th of November

fall on my knees

Tomorrow my darling arrives again. This time it's only been 9 days since we've seen each other, but still it feels like ages. The 25th wil be our one year anniversary. We haven't made any plans yet but it's just such a beautiful thought to be together on this special day. If anyone hasn't heard the story of how we met, you can read it here.

In honor of our anniversary there's another song up on the Halo Of Pendor myspace, called 'I lost my heart in Amsterdam'. The lyric 'in my mind I sleep here tonight' is from a note that I left on Daniels pillow when leaving Gothenburg.



18th of November


Yesterday I got my bandages taken off, after a month. I was happy cause I was supposed to have them for another two weeks, but my ankle was stable enough to go without. It's still massively bruised, as is the rest of my leg. I also got happy cause my doctor was the Asian version of Barney Stinson. Doctorsuit up!

Today I stayed inside cause it was storming like crazy. Sometimes I'm afraid my windows can't handle weather like this.


16th of November

halo of pendor

New song Exes and Why's up on Halo Of Pendor's Myspace. But just for a couple of days; it's a preview for the forthcoming cassette release that will contain 5 songs.


15th of November



(Friday the) 13th of November

Look what my beautiful boyfriend bought me:

I'm really happy with it.

On a different note, I was very devestated on monday when I found out that Jerry Fuchs had died. He was the drummer for !!! and the Juan MacLean. He died a very tragic death, falling down an elevatorshaft after he tried to get out of an elevator after it had stopped between the 5th and 6th floor. Jerry was such a friendly and funny guy and a great musician and it's so weird to think he's gone. He was only 34 years old.


12th of November

Last weekend we went to Brussels. Me, Daniel, my parents, my brother and his girlfriend. It was really nice, despite the bad weather. I had to be in a wheelchair cause I wasn't allowed to stress my ankle too much after my accident 2 weeks ago. Daniel was so sweet, he pushed my wheelchair all weekend with great care. Here are some photos:

Me reading the newspaper

We went on a guided tourbus which was really crappy, we couldn't hear anything the guide was saying but it was nice riding on a bus for a while.

Daniel trying out my wheelchair.

Me in the wheelchair and my assistants.

Papa and a naked woman.

My beautiful tiny boyfriend in a museum.

Mummy feet. Yuchhhh.

Dead person.

A tower.

Kriek; cherry beer!! So good. Tastes like candy but not too much.

The bed was so huge and comfy.

Me doing tv-morning excersises.

Lamp in hotel

Atomium! But we couldn't go in cause of my wheelchair.

On monday we went to Grizzly Bear and St Vincent. So amazing.
st vincent


5th of November

100 followers!! 100 high-fives. Thank you all so much for making me feel appreciated.

Promise me you'll watch this video. Andrew Bird Shreds! Better than all the other Shreds. I laughed out loud and I'm alone in my room.

And just to remind you what it can really sound like:

Love love love.


1st of November

The fun never ends! Another interview! I'm proud to have been featured with an interview and four photos on photography magazine ilovethatphoto amongst lots of brilliant photographers. Click the picture below to open in a new window.


31st of October

I've been featured on the wonderful Slanelle Street Style with an interview!

Happy halloween everyone! Unfortunately I can't go out and dress up, seeing as I still can't walk. Instead I'll just share some of my previous costumes with you, all self-made except the last one of course, but that was made by my mom.

Also, I've been tagged by Slanelle to post 7 things about myself:
1) I'm addicted to Lays chips with mayonaise. No, really, literally addicted.
2) I'm excited about going to see Grizzly Bear next week cause they're pretty much the only band from my favourites who I haven't seen live yet.
3) I don't eat cheese
4) I liked Michael Jackson before he was dead
5) I'm a nerd, I love sf/fantasyfilms made before '93 and knowing things.
6) I love baking
7) I have a really hard time making lists of irrelevant information about myself

I'm not tagging anyone but feel free to do this too.


28th of October

I want you to buy this album cause it's a fucking awesome electrifying delightfully lobotomizing loud tripping loud loud awesome loud hot mess and you need this.

HEALTH - Death
HEALTH - Die slow




I've been included in an online collaborative exhibition curated by We Sink Ships. Myself and 15 other great photographers have created photos with the theme Masquerade. Exhibition will be on 'til 13th of December. Go have a look!

view it here!
For more information:


25th of October

Broken chords can sing a little

Friday I went to the forest to take these photos. On my way back I think I ran my bike into the sidewalk, and I fell really really hard on my ankle. I had to go to the hospital to get x-ray photos taken, but luckily it's not broken. My ankle was really swollen though and I might have ruptured anklets. For the next 1,5 week I have bandages on my foot and I have to walk with crutches until I can walk properly again (don't know when that might be).

Now I have to lay in bed for at least 5 days with my foot up high, I'm not allowed to walk for 5 days. My parents have been so wonderful. They live 2 hours away but they came by today with lots of groceries and readymade food for the next few days, and tomorrow my mom is coming over for 2 days so she can drive me to my exams and take care of me a bit ;)

Oh, and as if I wasn't lucky enough; I live on the 4th floor and my elevator broke down. So even if I was allowed to go anywhere, it would take me like 15 minutes to get up or down those stairs in this state.

But everyone's been really wonderful and helpful, and also; today Daniel have already been happy together for 11 months.


21st of October

i'll believe in anything
halo of pendor

I'm back in Holland again, had quite a fun week in Sweden. Daniel had to work a lot but I had to study, so that was ok. It's just so delightful to spend time together. I'm repeating repeating repeating myself, but I'm really looking forward to having an everyday life with this guy.

I shopped some, I bought a fake fur coat and fake fur hat, a blue dress (see picture above) and a red dress.

We went to a skatepunk-night at Hendriksberg cause our friend Håkan was playing there with his new band. We went to Niklas' farewell party, drank rum-cola, talked to old friends and danced and danced and danced in the living room. We had burgers at Max. We ordered pizza online and texted the pizzadeliveryguy to thank him for the great pizza. Thomas and Niklas came over to talk about the EF-recordings and we browsed books to find inspiration for lyrics. We ordered pizza again, Thomas had an egg on his pizza, which was weird and not that good. We slept halfway through sunday. We watched 'I Love You, Man' for like the 12th time.

Now Daniel's coming back the 6th of November, then we'll go on a 'family weekend' to Brussels, with my parents and brother and his girlfriend.


17th of october

before and again

Akron/Family - Before and Again
This song blows my mind each time I hear it.


13th of October

don't make me go home
All this missing makes me so tired. I just want to be there when you come home from work and hear about your day. I want to be there when you go to sleep and wake up. I want you to be here when I watch Sex And The City, cause I always forget the past storylines and I need you there to catch me up. I want you here cause even though I hate to admit it, you're a lot better at cleaning than I am. I want to sit on the couch with my imagerights-syllabus while you work on your songs. I would actually get things done, now I just feel tired.


11th of October


Sam Amidon - Prodigal Son
This song is more beautiful than at least 98.6% of all songs you've ever heard. If you don't agree you're either lying or you have bad taste.

Sam Amidon on Myspace

By the way, 80 followers and nearly 20 000 views since June! Thank you all!


6th of October

Some shots from my disposable camera from this summer.
christian youth hostel

There were really tasty-looking cherries up in there so Daniel climbed in to pick me some.

Quality of those last five sucks, I uploaded them on myspace cause those stupid assmunches at Photobucket keep taking EVERYTHING down once my photos get too much views. No way I'm getting a pro account there.