31st of January


As you may or may not have noticed, I've been away to Sweden for a while. Had a wonderful time with my man in his new apartment, we hung out with friends, had lovely meals, went swimming, went to Ikea, went to see Where The Wild Things are (we both had to try hard not to cry at the end). I shopped a lot but didn't spend that much money. It was good.

We both bought iPhones so our relationship will get a bit cheaper, phonebill-wise. He's coming back in 6 days. No biggie.


20th of January

Youtubing nice songs suddenly seems so appealing when you're reading boring books about publishing.

The first video is new and it makes me like eggs slightly less, but it also makes me want to have a fingerpainting-rave, so it's ok. And the song is just the most brilliant song made in 2009.


19th of January


I just want to sleep through everything until it's friday and I can have this again.
Three weeks really is too long to be away from the person that makes you happy.


Love Like Birds

I've been in quite a bad mood lately, schoolwork is killing me, I'm tired and I really miss Daniel. This weekend was nice though, my friend Elke from Belgium came over for a couple of days. I took some promophotos for her musicproject Love Like Birds.

Love Like Birds


13th of January

I promised I'd do a post about New Years in Kalmar!

We went out for walks in the cold, but not for long. First one by Daniel!

We played with the cats.

Danny looked supersexy, he found a really nice blazer.

We lit some fireworks but not that much cause it was so cold.

-We went to the supermarket and found the WORST Michael Jackson film ever. It was by VH1, but it seemed like it was made especially for the supermarket. You can watch it here. When Michael is supposed to turn white he actually turns a greenish-grey. Totally worth watching.
-We got nice presents.
-We played Vem Vill Bli Miljonär (Who wants to be a millionaire) and I totally rocked it, considering I'm a foreigner. Daniels mama bought the game for me to take home so I could work on my Swedish some more.
-Lots of nice food, also at my parents' during Christmas but I didnt really take photos there.


Where we sleep

I sleep on the right side cause I get out of bed like a million times per night cause its either too hot or too cold or I have to pee or I'm thirsty.

P.S. Wow and I just saw this at the bottom of my page:

12th of January

A big thank you to all my 145 followers.

I've been studying non-stop the past days. Even though all my hard work now is the result of 5 weeks of procrastinating, I'm still really proud of my sudden motivation to get everything done before the deadline.
I hardly took any photo's, though I did shoot some film that im planning to get developed in the next few days.

Thursday I'm going to a lecture by my favourite favourite favourite writer of all time, Jonathan Safran Foer.


9th of January


Today I've been really productive. I studied a lot, I did 3 machines of laundry, I cleaned my room, I even went outside and tried to take pictures but it was just too cold and too slippery to make it to any of my nice locations so I ended up not taking anything outside.

It's two weeks until I go back to Gothenburg. It's been far too long, and strangely enough I mostly miss the food (besides my man of course). Burgers at Kelly's or Max, and falafel from Kungstorget. Daniel has moved to a new apartment that I haven't even seen yet. Thinking we should throw a housewarming party.


7th of January

Scored some gems in the final sales yesterday. I really wanted this dress for quite a while so I was happy when I found it was prized down. I made the biggest profit at River Island, they go crazy at the end of the season. Fractions of the original prizes.

I've been eating avocadosalad with cucumber and pine nuts for dinner for the past 3 days, I just think it tastes better than anything else in the whole world. Today I've been doing lots of schoolassignments, shot half a roll of film and I read wikipedia articles about serialkillers. What have you been up to?


4th of January

I went to the market and bought really nice boots, they have pretty low wedge-heels so I decided it was a good moment for me to start building up towards walking in high heels again, since I injured my ankle 2 months ago. So today I officially walked in heels again for the first time!

Then I went out and took some pictures while there is still snow. I enjoy having some locations at walking distance that are really right in the center of Amsterdam, but from a certain angle it looks like it could be somewhere in the middle of nowhere in Iceland.


Mourning Golden Morning


Download the first track 'Sons of Ghosts' from EF's new album 'Mourning Golden Morning' from their myspace! You'll love it, there's a fair chance it'll make you cry. You can also check myspace for some of the tourdates in April and May. I will probably be joining the tour for a few dates so I hope to see some of you there!


Happy new year!

mourning golden morning

We spent the last days of 2009 in Kalmar with Daniels parents. We went for a walk but it was -15◦C and our hands and feet and noses were frozen so we went back after a short while. Now I have to miss Daniel for 20 days which is going to suck.

Soon I will do a bigger post with an update with some more photos and words. Now I'm going to sit on the couch and watch some tv and eat leftover oliebollen.