30th of May // Pinkpop

I was at Pinkpop festival yesterday.

I didn't bring my 'real camera' cause of these strict pressrestrictions at the festival, figured it'd give me more trouble than pleasure so I brought my crappy little compactcamera which I took like 3 pictures with all day.

Had a fun time, the weather was amazing at the start of the day. This is how it looked from inside the press lounge.

My dearest flatmate Vrederick was there too, he had to take pictures of people's shoes all weekend.

Basically I didn't see any bands play, I arrived late, hung out with Vrederick, had icecream, walked around in the sun (i got freckles!), talked to strangers, saw some awesome Stanley Donwood art, had a big falafel, went to the festivalmarket... My friend Stefaan was there with 2manydjs, we spent most of the afternoon drinking champagne and catching up after not seeing each other for a really long time.

David Dewaele and Maarten playing an impressive match of pingpong.

2manydjs in front of an enthusiastic Pinkpop-crowd. Really cool part of the show was that they kept adding lights etc during the set (if you're wondering what those people in overalls are doing). Oh yeah and someone threw beer on them.

Later it started to rain so that sort of sucked while I was going home. Well, at least I got to go home! Felt really bad for all the people who were staying at the campside. I hate camping in the rain.

Tonight Daniel comes back! I can't believe he is finally done touring.

Did anyone else go to Pinkpop this weekend? Or are there any other festivals you're looking forward to?


28th of May

Always sleeping next to me.


25th of May

Yesterdaynight John & Jehn played at Paradiso, after the gig we all went home to dear Rosa and we had a cosy night in until 4 in the morning when we all got tired and went to bed. I hate taking pictures with flash so to make them a little less ugly I shot in black and white. Oh yeah and listen to John & Jehn on myspace.

I wore this ultracute dress by Miss Patina. I'll do a better post about it soon, it's really one of my new favorite dresses.

Also, today Daniel and I are together 1,5 year exactly. We're going to pretend that our anniversary is on sunday instead, when he comes home from the tour. Then we will celebrate in style.

Current music crush

Do excuse me for turning my blog into a giant Ruby Suns plugfest, I'm just really enthusiastic about them and wish you would all listen to them cause then you will love them and it will make your summer seem 100 times more summerish.


24th of May

Today was a warm and lovely day, with nice dresses and lots of mosquitobites. I killed 10 mosquito's in my room last night. I love love love summer but it has its downsides.

The Ruby Suns were great yesterday, I wish more people would have shown up at the gig cause they really deserve it. Listen listen listen to their songs on myspace. They have been out touring for 3 months now and still have to go non-stop until like september. And to think I'm having such a hard time with Daniel being away for 2 months.

Tonight I'm seeing the lovely John & Jehn.

Have you been out enjoying the wonderful weather?


23rd of May

Sunday lunch on my little balcony, trying to get freckles.

Wearing my DIY blue dress (used to be white, I dyed it blue), hat from H&M.
Reading a book of Swedish fairytales that Elke gave me.

Eating bruschetta, mmmmmhmyum.

Drinking my beloved cherry beer.

I've been on an Animal Collective kick since friday so I've had Merriweather Post Pavillion on repeat for a while now.

If I could just leave my body for the night
Then we could be dancing
No more missing you when I'm gone
There we could be dancing
And you'd smile and say, "I like this song"
And when our eyes will meet there
We will recognize nothing's wrong

Animal Collective - In The Flowers. This song might be one of the more beautiful songs I have everrr heard. The explosion at 2:30 makes me feel so alive.

That was my sunday, tonight I'm going to see The Ruby Suns which I'm fairly excited about. What was your sunday like?


Animal Collective // ODDSAC screening

Yesterday I went to see the screening for ODDSAC, a movie/visual album by Danny Perez and Animal Collective.

It was in a venue that was pretty hard to find, on my way I felt lost and got off my bike to look at my map. Right at that moment Dave Portner (aka Avey Tare, singer in Animal Collective) and director Danny Perez walked by. They were also on their way to the venue and told me to walk with them so we could find it together. They were really really nice.

avey tare and danny perez
The movie was awesome, really trippy and chaotic, very very Animal Collective. I recommend you to go see it on a big screen if you have the chance. Then there was an afterparty and we talked and talked and talked about movies and music and animatronics and nostalgia and missing the people you love. Also danced until the lights went on.

Dave told me about these video's of Kate Bush recorded in my favorite themepark. I can't believe I didn't know about these.

22nd of May

My dress is from Bikbok.


21st of May

Ok here, I found some time to show you this lovely dress that I finally fixed. I bought it with a discount cause one of the straps was ripped.

Also, I just got an MMS from my dear boyfriend that he bought two dresses for me:

He is so sweet, it gives me these little explosions of warm feelings inside. I want to hug him so bad. Also, aren't the dresses perfect?!

Other great news, we FINALLY have Spotify in Holland. Don't know how I survived without it.


Do excuse me for the lack of interesting blogposts, my life is just not that bloggable right now. I work 5 days a week from 9 to 5, so there's not too much time to take pictures or shop (the second one is a good thing). Soon it will be weekend though. I will try to make it up to you.

In one month and four days I am leaving for Sweden. It will be the most wonderful summer. My friend Elke (I've blogged about her before) will be there too so it'll be lovely to have a friend to hang out with. Also, she's really beautiful so we can do lots of photoshoots etc.

Daniel came home from the tour yesterday. Unfortunately I couldn't get to Gothenburg, so now I won't see him until Sunday the 30th. At least it's nice to know that he's home and has a chance to get some rest. In a few days he will head out again to play some more dates in Finland.

Why don't you give me some of your favorite blogs/tumblrs so I can amuse myself during quiet hours at work! I could use some inspiration.



17th of May


I got this beautiful dress from Miss Patina. I really love the little details on this dress, it's so feminine, makes me feel like a little pixie. Visit Miss Patina's shop, they make unique vintage-inspired dresses and really cute accesories.


13th of May


Today I'm going to Germany to see Daniel (together with my mom and dad!). After this it's just a bit more than two weeks until he comes home to me.


11th of May

When I don't have anything to blog about I just post pretty songs like this.


8th of May


She & Him were lovely! They played a really long set and Zooey was so enthusiastic, she jumped around a lot. Here is a review I wrote in Dutch.

One of my dear readers, Meredith, gave me a great tip on curling hair with a flat iron. I tried it on a few strands this morning; it's easy and quick, the curls get nice and bouncy and they stay in for a really long time. There are tons of tutorials on youtube.


6th of May

I'm thinking of getting my hair curled permanently, what do you think? Any advice? It takes so much time to do it with the curlers.

Now I'm off to see She & Him and probably get a worldrecord amount of comments about how much I look like Zooey Deschanel. BYE!


Some pictures from off my disposable camera.


4th of May


I'm quite busy working lately. It's really fun, I'm about to leave for LCD Soundsystem!
I'll try to be a better blogger though.

I honestly can't wait til it's summer, I think about it all the time. What are your plans for the summer?