31st of October

Yesterday we went out for a walk to enjoy a lovely fall day. We stopped for lunch and hot coco, we had dinner at my favorite fastfoodplace Max: my last time for a while!

Vintage coat and skirt and handbag,
Bershka cardigan,
Topshop loafers.

All photos by Daniel.

Later we went to a Halloween-party at our friend Patrick's house, maybe I have some pictures to show later.


30th of October

Hey guys! I'm in Gothenburg at the moment, which is why I haven't been updating much. Today is my last day here. I'll be back often of course, but next time I'll be here I won't have a home to go to, I'll just be visiting. It feels strange cause this city really has become my second home.

However, with losing one thing, I gain something so much better: In just over a month Daniel will move in with me in Amsterdam.

Tonight we might go to a Halloween-party. Are you celebrating Halloween? What are you dressing up as?


Stuff I want from Modcloth

I really want to shop some new stuff for fall/winter and I looove making wishlists! Click on the item to go to the product page.
Enchanted Florist Dress
Peppermint Pansies Dress
Rose Menagerie Dress
Inviting You to Play Dress in Blue
Crunching Numbers Sweater in Friday
Sheer Beauty Top
Cousin Clothing Swap Top
New on Campus Coat


23rd of October

Bershka cardigan, Vero Moda blouse, vintage/DIY skirt, Primark satchel, Topshop shoes.

I don't like fall but I really like fall-colors. Tomorrow I see my love again! It's been nearly 5 weeks, it's been killing me.


22nd of October

My dress is from H&M,
My bag is from Primark,
Secondhand shoes and cardigan.

I was featured as blogger of the week at BeInStyle! Thanks! ♥


21st of October

One of my dear readers asked me on Formspring what kind of coats I wear during winter. I thought about how strange it was that I never really post about my coats, seeing as coats are basically one of my favorite things in the world. And I have so many! I guess I just feel a bit silly taking pictures of my coats inside, and I feel even sillier taking pictures of myself outside. I really need to get my boyfriend over here so he can take decent outfitpictures for me.

Aaanyway, with the weather getting supercold I thought this would be an excellent time to show you some of my favorite coats.
Vintage // vintage Benetton
Vintage (fake fur!) // Primark

Coat from Only with Monki fake-fur stola // H&M

The rest of the outfit is a blouse from Miss Patina over a dress from H&M. The shoes are new and they look like this:
Heels? Yes, heels! I'm still a bit iffy about wearing heels (i had an ankle injury about a year ago) but how could I resist these beauties!?

Oh and

Song of the day: Elliot Smith // Angeles


20th of October

I bought this dress at a cheap secondhandshop. I saw a girl looking at it and she put it back (she put it back!!!?) so I snatched it. The fit is awesome, the fabric is very luxurious and perfect for winter.

Song of the day: Loney Dear // I Was Only Going Out


18th of October

I scored this little number in the mid-season sale at River Island yesterday. To be honest I thought it was pretty ugly when I bought it, but I knew that with some minor adjustments, it could be wonderful. So I took off all the messy and distracting flowers and added a different brooch, and now I really love it!

Here is a pretty song (Seabear // Cold Summer). I love the string and brass arrangements.


17th of October

Top from Ralph Lauren.

Daniel and I have been spending the whole weekend on Skype, more or less. This weekend was supposed to be ours and we're trying our best to make it ours. This morning we had a brunch-date and then just kept talking until the afternoon.

Later I went shopping looking for trousers, only to have confirmed what I already know; my body was made for dresses. I spotted this pretty thing at Zara but of course it looked super unflattering and bulky on me; I'm too short and skinny and shapeless. Sooo instead I bought another pink princess-dress that I'll show you soon.


16th of October

Does anyone want to buy this pretty Topshop dress from me? I loved it so much that I had to have it, even though it was a couple sizes too big. Now it's been hanging in my closet for about 3 years and I thought it might see more of the world if it had a different owner. It's a size UK12/EU40 (it's slightly pinned back on the photo). Anyway, send me an email if you're interested and we'll figure something out.

Sucky weekend. For the first time in nearly 2 years of constant traveling, Daniel missed his flight. It had to happen at some point, with these flights going at 7 in the morning (meaning you have to leave for the airport around 5). Anyway, his alarm didn't go off. So then we spent nearly the entire day on Skype being sad, cause it's been almost a month since we've seen each other. And it's still 8 days 'til I'm going there. But I keep telling myself: the next time Daniel comes to Amsterdam, he's here to stay. That's a comforting thought. Anyway, now I'm not really in the mood for doing anything so I'm gonna sit and sulk right by the heater and drink ruby port, read a book and listen to Nat King Cole. Have a nice saturday! What are you up to this weekend?


14th of October

Sweater from Primark
Vintage skirt
Fjällräven backpack
Topshop shoes

Tomorrow Daniel comes! I don't really have anything else to write today except that I shouldn't have time to blog because I should be working on my research for school. But the research is on blogs so I guess in way I could justify this as schoolwork? Let's leave it at that.



Photos by Angelo Pennetta for Japanese Vogue.

I never really post other people's photos BUT I just wanted to say that these pictures of my #1 girlcrush Abbey Lee really make me want to get a face transplant cut and dye my hair. I won't, though; after years I'm finally happy with the length of my hair again.


11th of October

Top and shorts from Primark
Vintage bag
Graceland shoes

There it is again, the hat! It's just one of my favorite items right now and I love that it goes with so many different outfits. However, I'll try to be more versatile with my accessories from now on, haha.

A few days ago I heard some news that made me very happy. In 2011, Forever21 will come to Holland and Belgium! I've been windowshopping at their online shop for ages but I've never ordered anything cause of the crazy shipping costs. Shopping in Amsterdam will be so much better from 2011 on: we will also get our very own Primark!

Oooh dear bank account, I apologize in advance.


10th of October

Grey shirt with puffy sleeves: Xanaka
Skirt: vintage
Hat: H&M
Shoes: Graceland
Daniel has been in Denmark over the weekend doing a short tour. It's been three weeks since we last saw each other. Sucks. But he's coming in 5 days.

And I wanted to take the time to say hi to my new followers! You're all so lovely!

10th of the 10th of the 10th

Today's a very special date. To everyone, cause the number 101010 looks really cool, but to me it has a little bit of extra meaning.
Today it's exactly 2 years ago that Daniel and I met. Yes, I'm gonna do a post on this every year ;) I just can't say enough how lucky I feel with the complicated course of events that has brought us together.

I just went through all our photos from the last 2 years, seeing what we have done and who we have become in the time we've been in each other's lives. And I dare say so myself: we are a pretty kick-ass couple.

Here's some old pictures:

Happy 10-10-10!