Merry SoulwaXmas


3 many DJ's

christmas spirits

Christmas is about love and sharing free crisps


Heal The World

What's in a red van, drunk in the afternoon, singing Michael Jackson songs, reading children's stories and playing Connect 4? Well it can only be Halo Of Pendor Traveling Circus!

pumpkin soup

Miffy was a returning factor on this tour... And so is manlove.

Christina, my illegitimate sister

it's BEARD HAIR, ok?!

creative therapy

the wonderful David, who is also the drummer for Halo Of Pendor, did a couple of songs from his own project, the Gentle Act Incident. http://www.myspace.com/gentleactincident

I love how the right side of his face looks really happy and the left side looks really sad.
we're cleary amusing company, eh?
Hah, and they say glasses make people look more intelligent.
We got married at Intertoys.