Haldern Pop 2013

Top Mango, shorts River Island, shoes Zara
photos by Sydney Francisco 

I know people love to hate on heels with socks, but I love them! I've been wearing this outfit pretty much all the time lately (as you might have noticed on Instagram).

I had pretty much the best weekend ever at Haldern Festival in Germany with my lovely Elke. Was so lucky that some of my friends' bands were playing, otherwise I never could've gone. And it wouldn't have been as much fun! My favorite thing about festivals is seeing your buddies from all over the world and of course making new friends. Festival season is like one big family get-together. Here's a compilation of a few photos from the festival. Follow me on Instagram for heaps more!

Song of the day: Dan Croll - In / Out (best thing I saw at Haldern and super cute video! Impossible not to smile!)