31st of August

H&M skirt, Primark top, Deichmann boots.

Tomorrow I start my internship at Fashionchick.nl! I think it'll be loads of fun, even though I'm a bit sad that the summer holiday is over. I was kind of hoping for some more nice time in the sun, but it was rainy and depressing all around. Suckiest holiday in 22 years. At least I got a lot of work done in my apartment, which I still reeaally want to show you but I want everything to be perfect first.

I had a perfect song in mind for my song of the day, but I see it's not on Youtube, but people on Spotify can still enjoy it. It's Peter Broderick's version of this song:

Efterklang - Harmonics

Both versions are amazing, of course.


29th of August

If you could only eat one meal every day for the rest of your life, what would you choose?
Or if you could only listen to one song?
And one movie? You don't have to watch it every day, it's just that all other movies would disappear.

My choices would be falafel, cause it's extra yummy and it has a lot of important nutrients.

My song would be The Shins - New Slang

And of course The Dark Crystal.

What would your choices be?


22nd of August

I just noticed this will be my 500th post! Wow. I wish I'd known so I could have done something a bit more special. I'd like to thank everyone who has been reading any of those 500 posts and saying such lovely things. It means so much to me.

Lately it feels like my biggest luck in thrifting is finding secondhand H&M dresses that I missed out on buying when they were in store. Here is another one I found this weekend! I love love love it.

I got a lot of questions about the dress in my last post, and I'm sorry to say it's vintage!

Song of the day: Beirut - East Harlem


21st of August

This weekend our friend Josefin from Gothenburg is visiting! It's fun to go sightseeing with a friend because then you see things in the city that you've never seen before.


14th of August

This weekend we are visiting my parents and today we went to a park that I used to love when I was little. I hadn't been there in at least 12 years so it was fun to be back and realize that it was much much crappier than I remembered.

Song of the day: Hot Chip - Out At The Pictures


Stockholm Pride

I'm back from Stockholm! I had a really good time working at the Gay Pride. Thanks everyone who stopped by our OUTTV stand, I've heard so many happy and sad stories from brave and beautiful people from all over the world. Gay rights are such an unquestionable thing to me and it hurts to know that there are still places in the world where you are not allowed to be with the person you love, where you can't be who you really are, in fear of social isolation, assault, imprisonment or even death. But luckily we can celebrate the fact that in Sweden you can be yourself and marry the one you love!

We got a bit too creative with our stickers after a while.

This is our biggest fan, Leith. He came by several times a day to take pictures with us.

More of my photos of the Pride Parade can be found over at the OUTTV Facebook page.

Undeniable anthem of the week: Lady Gaga - Born This Way


4th of August

Dress from Indiska // Photos by Daniel.
For my readers in Stockholm: Daniel and I will be working at the OUTTV stand several hours a day at Gay Pride in Kungsträdgården, so drop by if you want! If I'm not there at least there will be free candy and pens.

Song of the day: Sufjan Stevens - All For Myself


1st of August

I can't believe it! It's actual summer weather in Sweden! Today we had lunch with our friends Thomas and Sofia.

On Wednesday we move on to Stockholm for work, but I really don't want to leave here! We're having such a good time.
Song of the day: Undertones - Here Comes The Summer