This weekend I was sick and I watched whole seasons of Top Chef and Arrested Development in bed and slept a lot and that's basically all I did.


19th of February

One of my blog-readers Jessica created these mock-magazinecovers using my photography. She's really sweet, thank you Jessica!

Today my parents and cousin Judith came to visit me in Amsterdam. Unfortunately it was raining all day and I wasn't feeling too well, so we did a bit of a bad-weather-hideout in the Rijksmuseum. Now I'm sitting at home with a fever, all restless cause I was looking forward a lot to going out tonight.


16th of February

good morning
I love him so much.


15th of February


Haha, I don't know what happened on Flickr, but I looked at my stats and my views had skyrocketed from a usual 1000-2000 views per day to 8000-9000.
I love graphs so I just had to post a screenshot:

That's a welcome change! I guess it's cause I just uploaded two couples-pictures. People like couple pictures.

Today I've worked ahead on my homework a bit and now I can just sit around reading and listening to The Cure and tonight I'm going to have another Top Chef marathon, which always makes me hungry but that's ok cause I don't really have money to buy much food anyway. I booked another flight to Gothenburg the 24th, I'm staying for a week.

Hopefully my new pictures will be developed tomorrow.



happy valentine's!

Happy Valentines day everyone! Even though I'm not really into Valentines, I had this photo lying around and thought this would be an appropriate day to share it.


12th of February

I put up another one from the 'kärlek' series cause I couldn't choose between this and the previous one.

I have so many pictures that I've never used so here are some:

(me by Daniel)

Some of these might appear on my Flickr later, not sure...
Have a nice weekend!


11th of February

longing for colours, fractures of you

I bought a new chair and even though I look like I don't like it, I really do.

Art collective "Romani Ite Domum" hailing from Dresden will come out with the very first Halo of Pendor-release! It will be a red cassette tape which is sort of indie and pretentious but mostly really cute. It will come out on Valentine's and it has 5 songs on it, it'll cost you 5€ which is next to nothing for something this nice. It's pretty exciting for me as well cause my name is in the credits for singing backing vocals, haha.

More info on the tape and how to make it yours right here.


Snyggaste killen i världen


Some pictures I took of my beautiful boyfriend this week. We are having an awesome time, watching movies, eating nice food and thriftshopping and trying not to spend money. Nothing out of the ordinary, but it's really wonderful.


7th of February

Daniel is here for about 4 days and it's really nice to have him over. He hadn't seen my new apartment yet and he really likes it. Yesterday we went out to de Nieuwe Anita, we saw some bands that weren't very impressive but we had a nice time. First picture is by Rosa (the cute girl in the second picture).