10th of March

I'm back.

It's still impossibly cold outside, so for now I'm confined to my boring white wall. I guess we can all live with that.

By the way, I already invited some of you to the EF-tour facebook event-page, you can find it here. Come over and bring your friends! I'll be there at all the Dutch and Belgian dates, maybe some German ones too. Also, there's a new song up on myspace.

Oh and I'm in the latest issue of RazorMonkey Magazine.


beckylou said...

echt die hoofdtooi is zo superrrr mooi!
waar komt ie van?

Laura @ The World Looks Red said...

't is een ketting van Primark en een bloem van Vero Moda!

beckylou said...

oh dankjewel, het is trouwens ook een hele mooie foto... maar dat ben ik al gewoon van jouw blog!

Jessica said...

i love that dress and pink always looks so pretty on you.

i wish there were primark stores in america. boo. that was my favorite part about studying in ireland.

Anna said...

Such a lovely outfit!