Paris times two

So I made two flash trips to Paris in the timespan of one and a half weeks. Once with Elke to see our buddies in Local Natives and once to visit my friend Marc and to go to DISNEYLAND (which you probably already know is my #1 favorite thing in the world). Disneyland was wonderful and super Christmassy. Other than that we did a bunch of cool stuff like midnight walks through Montmartre, we saw a bunch of cool gigs and ate ALL of the burgers. Always nice to get out of the city and make unexpected trips! 2013 has really proven to be the year where I've become a total Yes Man. I'd almost call it the Year of Yolo, but that would be super lame, huh? Hope you're all doing great!


Anonymous said...

Oh I bet the burgers were delicious! I had an ostrich burger the other day, different but tasty. You look wonderful as usual!

Unknown said...

Your pictures remind me of how badly I want to go back to that place..

Looks like you had a great time!

xo' M

Liese said...

Oh, klinkt zo heerlijk ^^
Ik hou echt van Parijs en al helemaal van Disneyland <3

Liefs, Liese

Naville said...

cute pictures!


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Damaris // The cat, you and us said...

Disneyland!!! What a wonderful winter getaway :) I visited Paris last October but we left Disney out because we had just went to the California one during the summer and it looked too much (even for my Disney fanatic self :P) Love your pics & Minnie ears!

Unknown said...

A beautiful post.
Someone had a lot of fun :)
xx, Malena
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Unknown said...

super cute !!!! :)

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