Net5 Girls Flight Out: Barcelona

As I'm writing this, the rain is beating down on my roof. Very different from the sunshine that my NSMBL colleague Chloë and I enjoyed when we were in Barcelona this weekend! Dutch TV-channel Net5 and Transavia organized a trip to Barcelona called Girls Flight Out: a short weekend full of shopping, food and sunshine.

We flew from Eindhoven Airport, where we received a lovely goodie bag with champagne, chocolate and magazines. More goodies awaited us when we got to the STUNNING hotel, H1898 on the Ramblas. I actually remember walking past this hotel a bunch of times and thinking how cool it would be to stay there. We got a big giftbag with beauty products from Dr Van Der Hoog, KOH and Biosilk (my fave!), among others.

Upon arrival we got drinks and bites and a presentation of Net5's roster for next season, proving once again that they're your one-stop shop for drama series. Net5 staples like Grey's Anatomy and Desperate Housewives will return, but there will be plenty of their own Dutch productions as well.

After the presentation Chloë and I hit the town, shopped loads and loads and at the end of the night we ended up back in our fancy hotelroom with champagne, McDonalds' and Burger King.

The next day we got up early to enjoy H1898's amazing spa facilities, which we had all to ourselves! We swam for like an hour and then we enjoyed a lovely breakfast. Then it was back to shopping (and shamefully returning some splurge purchases from the night before).

In the afternoon we hung out at beach bar CDLC, before the buss took us back to the airport. Bye, Barcelona! See you soon! Million thanks to Transavia, Net5 and all the people involved for making this a lovely day.

Song of the day: M83 - Outro

Spotted at Amsterdam Fashion Week

Shot by Anouk Océanne for Runway Passport

with Amanda and Merel by Laurent Claassen

This Amsterdam Fashion Week has been a bit weird, because I hardly had any time to attend shows. Chloë and I went on a quick trip to Barcelona right in the middle of Fashion Week, which, to be honest, was heaps more fun. Pictures from Barcelona will be up sometime in the next few days. Anyhow, here are some pictures from the day that I did go to Fashion Week. I'm wearing a super stunning dress courtesy of Jones and Jones and a coat by Nishe.

Song of the day: Villagers - The Waves


Three Wolf Moon

Three Wolf Moon t-shirt from The Mountain, skirt from Miss Patina

Had quite a busy week again! Amsterdam Fashion Week is on, and I got to escape the cold for one day to go to Barcelona. More on that soon!


Giant blogger closet sale

On the 2nd of February I'm selling a whole lot of clothes together with some of Holland's top bloggers and my lovely colleagues at NSMBL magazine. My home is always such a mess because I'm a terrible clothes-hoarder and I don't even know where to put my all my stuff anymore. Good reason to think about what I really want to keep and what I don't.

Yesterday I started selecting and this is only like half of the stuff that I'm getting rid of. If you can't make it to the sale but if you've seen something on my blog that you really really want to buy from me, send me an email (laura[at]theworldlooksred.com) and make me an offer. I have a few favorite items that I really want to keep, but a lot of stuff has to go! Check out the flyer below for more info about the sale.

20th of January

Look, I got this adorable dress from Olive! Long sleeved dresses are pretty much my favorite thing in the world. I also had to take another picture with my new bass, cause it's so pretty. I promise I don't just use it as a cool and shiny fashion accessory, I play it too.

Song of the day: Loney Dear - Calm Down


Barcelona shopping tips

Hi ladies, quick question! I've been to Barcelona a couple of times now, but I still feel like I'm a bit unclear on what the coolest areas are. I'm going on a quick trip to Barcelona next week, so more tips are always welcome!


Pinstripe shirt styled two ways

Tortoise Karen Walker glassesTopshop blue striped shirt / Topshop pinafore playsuit / Alexander wang leopard gold triangle bag / ASOS buckle boots

 Topshop clubmaster sunglasses / Topshop blue striped shirt / Topshop gold jaquard skirtBlack Topshop backpack / Loly In The Sky eyelash flats /

Seeing as the days are way too short, I don't always have time to take outfit pictures anymore. That's why from now on I'm sometimes going to make these little styling things in Photoshop. They're fun and so inspiring to make. My favorite thing to wear is button-up shirts. I found this lovely one from Topshop and styled two outfits around it. Which one is your fave?


Guess what I bought?

photos by Daniel
Say hello to my two new big loves. I scored this dress on eBay and I'm finally one step closer to my teen dream of becoming Kim Gordon. I bought my own bass! This is super exciting.

Song of the day: Purity Ring - Fineshrine


11th of January

2, 3, 4 from Anna's lomo / 1, 5 and 6 from Yvan's iPhone

I've been so bad at taking my camera to parties, but luckily I can sometimes steal fun snapshots like these from my friends ♥


My favorite outfits of 2012

Better late than never, right? I picked my 15 favorite outfits of 2012! Always fun to look back on a whole year of what you've worn.