Free People $100 giveaway

A while ago I won a contest on Chictopia and received a $100 gift card for Free People. I ordered some things, but not a lot because the gift card had to cover the $35 shipping fee to The Netherlands. When the package arrived I was asked to pay another €35 in import fees. I told the postman nope and said he could take the package back to the post office.

Now that the package has arrived back at Free People, I've been given back my gift card (well, it's not $100 now, but $95). I thought I might as well give it away to one of my lovely readers! Everyone can enter, but keep in mind the shipping costs and possible customs fee if you live outside of the States. For US citizens the shipping costs are only $7, so you guys are much better off!

All you have to do is follow me on Twitter and leave a comment under this post with your e-mail address so I can send you the giftcard if you win. The giveaway will be closed on the 1st of August at 5PM GMT. Good luck, ladies!


Fashiable | Nanne said...

Wat stom zeg dat je nog meer kosten moest betalen toen de delivery man aan de deur kwam..altijd zo zonde van leuke merken!

Claire said...

Thank you so much for this giveaway! It'd actually be really great for me because I live in the States. : ) And I don't have a Twitter to follow you on, but I like your Facebook page! I hope that's ok!

Thanks again! x



Elvis Presley said...

Already following you on twitter (I'm @beladecepcao), and... wow, that's what I call a giveaway! =]

I found about your blog today and it is lovely!


dom.the.mom said...

I don't have a Twitter but I do follow you on Facebook. I hope that's okay instead! Email: domdyson@gmail.com

samantha.tedesco said...

Thank you, dear!!!!!
I follow you on twitter: @samanthatedesco


Priscilla P said...

following you on twitter as @priscillaphits :)
email: sugoidesuyo(at)gmail(dot)com

Morgan Erina said...

This is an awesome giveaway :) We have a Free People here in Pittsburgh, which would be so lovely to go into :) My email is: morganerina5@gmail.com

and I followed you on twitter with my band twitter! :)

Kyla said...

Oh Laura, I'm so sorry about the hassle!! $35 is a ridiculous amount....I probably would have done the same thing as you. Thank you for offering this giveaway though, that's very sweet of you! I follow you on twitter, and my email is kylacovert@gmail.com

Amber said...

Awesome giveaway. I just started following you on twitter and my email is: Amber@TheGirlyBird.com

Tim Mcgraw said...

love your blog x

All Life By Dj Hero

Wish Upon This said...

I just followed your twitter (@WishUponThis)! Hope to win :)
<3 Mary
wishuponthis {at} gmail {dot} com

Marcela A. said...

marcela . p . almeida [at] gmail . com

all together, of course :)


raluca marie wolfski said...

Oh, my!
Following you with @LeDrreamer and my e-mail is pure.dreamy@yahoo.com

Thank yous!

Kalyn said...

Just followed you on twitter. I absolutely love Free People, but can rarely validate spending money on their clothing. Thanks for doing this!

kalyndobbs (at) gmail (dot) com

Unknown said...

Following you on twitter. :)

Helen at THELOVECATSINC said...

wow, those import fees are so very high! shame you didn't end up with your items!

so lovely that you're giving it away to your followers though.

following you on twitter now: @thelovecatsinc

email: thelovecatsinc@hotmail.co.uk

Ki Ip said...

that's rather ridiculous! but thank you for the giveaway! :)

followed u via twitter @kipgoods

vanillakaren (at) gmail.com

Two Happy Hearts said...

That's so sweet of you! Free People is my favorite!
I'm following you on Twitter now and crossing my fingers ;)

ChelseaBabin said...

Sorry your ordering didn't work out, but this is very sweet of you!

I follow you on twitter
(I'm @chelseababin)


Erica said...

I never knew it was such a hassle to ship overseas! So expensive! How sad that you couldn't even use the gift card. Free people has some beautiful (and expensive) items.


Anonymous said...

I'm following you on
Twitter: @JanetTiong301
GFC: Janet Tiong
Bloglovin: ing_301@hotmail.com
Facebook: Janet Tiong

Email address: ing_301@hotmail.com

Alaine88 said...

Sorry you couldn't get your items! But thanks for passing it along to one of your readers.
I follow via twitter @alaine888
family74014 at gmail dot com

Sara said...

Awesooome! Too bad it wouldn't work for you :(
I follow via twitter (addledeyes)

Naama A said...


Unknown said...

thanks for the generous chance to win, following you on twitter @starryeyed24

tanyainjville at yahoo dot com

Unknown said...

Sorry about the hassle!

I follow on Twitter: @Maxine_Metzger

Email: max.met13@yahoo.com

Thanks for the opportunity!

A. said...

My comment isn't here. :(
I once ordered something from the States and the customs fee at my front door was 60 dollars! So yeah...it really sucks. But I just the other day fell in love with a Free People Cardigan, and my mother lives in the States, this fingers crossed for meeee! :) (Twitter: @dabeesknees)

Katja und Marie said...

This is so great! Thank you! :)
twitter: @cheekywombats
e-mail: cheekywombatblog@googlemail.com

Tonya said...

Count me in!! Free People is my favorite brand ever! <3
My email is themoptopblog[at]aol.com

Such a bummer about shipping for ya :/
I'll keep my fingers crossed!

an ika said...

Great giveaway!
Following on twitter



courtneyyou said...

This is really great. Free People ost the best!

Email: courtneyursery@yahoo.com

Isabella-Kay said...

I followed you on twitter! I'm @isabellasaaved1
I love free people!

Email: cinelala@aol.com

Isabella-Kay said...

I followed you on Twitter!!!

Love free people:D


Unknown said...

Awesome giveaway! Sorry about the giftcard not working out for you.
I follow you on twitter now @petitepanoply.


tamara said...

i'm sorry the free people gift card didn't work out for you! their clothes are amazing. my email is tamara [dot] schiff [at] gmail [dot] com. i love your blog and pinterest btw! xo

ttea said...

That must have been really annoying to win the prize and not even get to use it. I would be so frustrated if that happened to me.


little henry lee said...

that's such a shame about the import taxes! i would have been so disappointed! anyway, my email address is: jessbialkowski@gmail.com & i'm following you on twitter now. :)

little henry lee

caitlin said...

Followed on Twitter! @kangin

vanillacat1026 [@] gmail dot com