Parties and press days

It's a busy week! On Wednesday I went to the press day for Oona PR.
Wearing a vintage blouse, Romwe pinafore andNelly.com boots.

I really want this fluffy sweater from Essentiel! It's the perfect color.

Pink, collar, bow, polkadots and kitties. I obviously love this blouse from River Island.
Awesome headphones from Molami.
Cat brooch!
More Essentiel. I didn't know this brand, but they had really lovely things.

Then it was on to Cosmopolitan's 30th birthday! To celebrate, this month's issue has six different covers that you can choose from. They also showed an awesome 3D video of the photoshoots for the different covers. It was pretty dark at this party, so these are the only photo's I have!

Adorable Anouk.

Yesterday New Look opened a new shop-in-shop at V&D in Amsterdam. Great news, 'cause I love New Look! Even better news, 'cause we got to see it first and go on a free shopping spree!

This bag came home with me, along with a cute pair of high-waist shorts, a necklace and some bracelets.


Marloes | The Style Sandwich said...

Hele mooie foto's heb je gemaakt! Leuk je weer gesproken te hebben gisteren :)

Joana Chaves said...

Oh wow, the clothes are gorgeous. I'm loving the colour and pattern all over the place :)

xo Joana

Maite said...

I like what are you wearing...
I want the pink blouse..


Julia Henderson said...

i love your romwe pinafore, very pretty! Also that river island blouse is so cute x

Anonymous said...

Mooie foto's! Essentiel heeft zo'n mooie collecties altijd, helaas ver boven mijn budget!

Roos' notes | Roos said...

't Was leuk om je weer eens te zien bij de New look! Leuke foto's.


Fashiable | Nanne said...

Dat zijn inderdaad een hoop feestjes, leuk zeg :)


Joana Chaves said...

Ahah, it seems everyone will be wearing this collection of H&M. Do you think it is probably the most successful European high street brand? It's the one I see about most often, at least..Okay, I see a lot of Zara too.

Laura @ The World Looks Red said...

@Joanna: It definitely is! Here in Amsterdam, we have 7 H&M stores in one street alone! Zara's popular, but a lot more exclusive. Everyone from all ages seems to shop at H&M.

Natasha Fatah said...

I love, love, LOVE your dress!
And this seems like it was an awesome event!

Love from Toronto!
~Natasha Fatah~

Esmay said...

Ziet er alledrie tof uit :)

Anonymous said...

Really like your blog!
A wonderful post!

Have you got an account in instagram?
If yes, write me your name!

Maisy said...

I absolutely love the cat blouse - adorable!

Charlotte Blogueuse said...

The orange cat is so cute, I love it !
And I think I have the same ring
with the starfish, you can see it here
Kiss from Paris
Trip in my dressing

Inique said...

Mooie foto's:) leuk al ie pasteltinten dit seizoen! Leuke tas overigens.

dom.the.mom said...

Beautiful photographs. Seems like quite an event. Loving the t-strap nude heels at the New Look opening premiere. They are literally the shoes I need in my life right now.

Anonymous said...

Wauw, die kettingen!

Becky said...

Wow, you've certainly been busy! Great pictures- It looks like you've had a great time.

I really love your outfit in the first photo. That dress is lovely!



Amy said...

Your outfit is gorgeous!


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Unknown said...

Aaww your outfit is so so cute! And omg all these pretty clothes and accessories, it looks like paradise :)

sweet harvest moon said...

Ziet er allemaal prachtig uit!

DEMI said...

loveee your blog dear,
keep posting and go for it!!! :):)


Constance said...

This post is so good!