Fashionchick pump launch & diary

Maybe you remember the first line of Fashionchick pumps from last winter? Now Ellen and the crew designed some adorable summer shoes! The launch party was at walk-in spa Sense, where we could get lovely pedicures to go with our brand new peep toes. You can order the shoes over here.

My ASOS dress can be found here.

Designer Ellen in the bright blue heels.
Me and Amanda

Spring is really here for a few days, so on Sunday we had a barbecue with Tanya and Michelle.
Wearing my new favorite top from River Island with shorts from Zara and an H&M cardigan.

Our friends Jonathan and Marie from Ghent were on their honeymoon in Amsterdam, and they came to visit us as well. We took them to the fun fair.

Marie and I both won these adorable Kirby-chefs.
You might know Marie as illustrator Marmushka. She makes the coolest drawings, and she did this one of me and Daniel on her blog ♥.


marmushka said...


The Fancy Teacup said...

The bow topped heels are super cute!


Unknown said...

those bow peep toes are too cute! ♥

Unknown said...

Leuke post meis! Btw je staat ook op www.chloesterk.nl xxx Tot gauw!

fashionisaparty.com said...

wat een leuke post! ik vind de blauwe versie van de hakken te gek, en je river island top is erg mooi!

Esmay said...

Die schoenen zijn echt te gek!

Rosa said...

Ngaw Kirby!
You looked like you had a blast at the pumps show! And taking them to a funfair seemed great!

sweet harvest moon said...

Erg leuke foto's!

Roos' notes | Roos said...

Wat een geweldige foto's! En een hele lieve tekening.


Julia Henderson said...

these photos are wonderful! i love your river island top :) x

YOURFLIRTYLOOK | by Karlijn said...

the pictures were so so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful dress you're wearing and such a cool illustration

Becky said...

Aaw that blue dress is lovely!



MissKait said...

i love the bright color of your dress! and those shoes are so darling.
all of you have the darlingest style.

xo kaitlin

The Braided Bandit said...

This looks SO FUN! I am in love your blue lace asos dress, and the launch party look perfect! Now I am in the mood to go to a fair and have someone win me a stuffed animal :)
Thanks for sharing and happy wednesday!
xo Hannah

Paper Moon said...

great pictures. wish i was there hehe. and the shoes are incredible xx

ELVIA said...

You are super cute and you have the cutest blog! The FashionChick event seems amazing; do they sell in the USA too?

The illustration of you and your partner is super adorable!

Kirby is super cute as always :)
I also really love the River Island pink top!

I look forward to reading more blog posts from you! Have a great day! x.


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Julie said...

wow, i love your blog! you have a new follower ;) x

Maite said...

the color of the dress is amazing. love your blog.


Nikki said...

oh je blauwe jurkje is echt supermooi!
en de schoenen ook, wauw! :)



Hannah Wilkinson said...

Gorgeous outfit...and beautiful photographs you have a great blog!

Constance said...

Your blog is gorgeous!!! Im just discovering it!
Could you tell me which camera you used for this post?

Natalia said...

I wonder howcome your nails didn't got screwed with the tights and pumps...even if they are peep toes!!!Cool shoes and x-perience