Shoebaloo webshop launch

Last thursday we celebrated the fact that Shoebaloo now has a webshop! Shoebaloo is a designer-shoestore; the kind of place where I pretend I'm rich and try on gorgeous Miu Miu shoes. If you're in Amsterdam, check out their store on PC Hooftstraat; it's all spaceship-like. For now, you can check out their webshop and dream of all the things you'll buy when you finally win the lottery / find a rich husband / make millions with your awesome career / rob a bank (the latter is not recommended).
I was wearing the deer coat from ASOS, the bag c/o Romwe, the shoes from Nelly and the skirt is vintage.

My party-pal Amanda was wearing crazy shoes from Jeffrey Campbell! They're so ugly but I love them on her.

Renee and Anna being interviewed for TV. Everyone was asked a couple of questions about shoes.

A smiley mr Mitchel Kelly.

Aaand of course the night ended by us being kindly asked to leave the premises because they are closing. Story of my life.

Song of the day: Jaga Jazzist - One Armed Bandit


Anonymous said...

cute pics!!
i love that wedges

Moon Child said...

I love dressing up pretending I'm rich haha...loving the deercoat you're wearing XX

dom.the.mom said...

Hahaha "They're so ugly but I love them on her". That's hilarious. Her outfit is really interesting! Also, I'm loving your fluffy coat. It looks uber warm.

Zane said...

love the photos, thanks for sharing

Jo - Lost in the Haze said...

I love it when you and Amanda venture out together - you are both always so impeccably dressed! <3 I love the Nishe coat!

Lost in the Haze

Anonymous said...

I love your coat!

Laura Maradam said...

Woooww it was indeed a glamourous launch! :)

Dylana Suarez said...

Love your outfit! Sounds like fun!



Phuong said...

hele leuke fotos en je jas is gaaf!
Travel in Style

Anaivilo said...

Oh that coat is so amazin! I really love it, seems so royal, you look great in it :D

Lauren Helen said...

Still loving that coat... I do that in shoe stores, too. Try on all of the shoes I would never be able to afford and strut around in them before ending up just buying the cheapest pair there ;)

Our Youth said...

ah, you look great!

Pull Down The Moon said...

Oh, I love your friends outfit. does she have a blog?
Your comment is hilarious - but I love things that you would never touch, but they actually look fabulous on others.

Natalia said...

I love you chronicles.The End!