11-11-11 and randoms

Long time followers of this blog already know what I giant spazz I am when it comes to anything Owen Pallett related, so you can imagine my excitement when I found this in my Twitter inbox yesterday:

Owen was gonna play his album Heartland in a church in Eindhoven with a big orchestra, so I had to rush straight from work to get there in time but it was so worth it! Amazing! I've seen Owen play lots of times and it's always been amazing, but Heartland really came to life with this orchestra!

And then suddenly I was in a church in my giant gorilla-coat. After the gig there was a screening of Sigur Ros' new live-film INNI, which was pretty incredible, as long as you see it loud and preferably in a church like I did, haha.

Ok, it's been a while since I did a post with randoms from my phone and other things that never really make it to the blog, so I decided to throw that in as well!

Amanda and I at work, readyyyy for Dutch Fashion Awards 2011!
Tanya's little Edwin in croissant-mode.
I got new shoes! Flats, for once!
I scored a brand new AA-dress and a floortom at IJ-hallen market last weekend.
I went to lots of press-days. I love this pink camera from Nikon! I think I might need it.

And then there were more S/S 2012 pressdays! This last photo is by Anna.

Sooo that's what I've been up to the past week and a half. What are your plans for the weekend?

Song of the day: Owen Pallett - Lewis Takes Action


MFP said...

exciting news for you! and i love that mustardy dress! also love your friend, Amanda's egyptian-ish hair. looks great on her!

Unknown said...

such cute and lovely photos! i love your shoes in the last photo, and that pink nikon is all sorts of amazing!
was it just a special piece, or can you buy it?

<3 rae


Laura @ The World Looks Red said...

Thanks, ladies! Rae, that camera is called the Nikon 1 J1 and it's for sale for about €550, so it's quite expensive. But apparently it's very good!

The Fancy Teacup said...

You coat and dresses are so lovely!


Rosa said...

The nikon camera is such a pretty shade of pink. Also love the tulle of the dress!

Jade Sawden said...

love your american apparel dress, ive been wanting this one for a while.


Lady Fur said...

Nice, lovely post
kisses from your follower! ♡

Zane said...

love the photos and the song is just perfect

Unknown said...

love it!!!


Inique said...

Mooie foto's:) Vooral de schoenen en het jurkje zijn erg leuk! Mijn complimenten over jouw stijl, lekker jezelf:)

Sina said...

amazing outfits :)


Carolina said...

Amazing dress. I love how you still wear old dresses even though you have hundreds of them!
And that pink camera is so dreamy :)

Selma Selimovic said...

Love your mustard dress <3
The pink camera is amazing, I need one, also.

sweet harvest moon said...

Zo leuk!
You look lovely in every picture!


Drew said...

Love both the AA dress and the mustard one! also, that pink Nikon is wonderful!

Wanderlust. said...

Wauw, wat een mooie foto's en leuke outfitjes!! Waar is het mosterdgele jurkje van?

Anka said...

wat a leuke jurkje zeg, i love the mustard dress.. Waar heb je het vandaag ? :P

Laura @ The World Looks Red said...

Thank you all!

Dank jullie! Het mosterdgele jurkje is van H&M, maar van ongeveer 7 jaar geleden! Hij was een rare lengte, tot ver onder de knie, maar nèt niet maxi, dus ik heb 'm zelf ingekort!

Suze said...

een roze camera :| wow! die heeft echt een hoog hebbe-hebbe gehalte haha. ik vind het trouwens zo leuk hoe jij van die chuncky jassen en hakken combineert met je delicate lijfje en jurkjes <3

Olivia Fox said...

oh my goodness Laura what a beautiful coat? where is it from?

love reading your blog...have done for a while. im just a quiet one who he he.

olivia x