Stockholm Pride

I'm back from Stockholm! I had a really good time working at the Gay Pride. Thanks everyone who stopped by our OUTTV stand, I've heard so many happy and sad stories from brave and beautiful people from all over the world. Gay rights are such an unquestionable thing to me and it hurts to know that there are still places in the world where you are not allowed to be with the person you love, where you can't be who you really are, in fear of social isolation, assault, imprisonment or even death. But luckily we can celebrate the fact that in Sweden you can be yourself and marry the one you love!

We got a bit too creative with our stickers after a while.

This is our biggest fan, Leith. He came by several times a day to take pictures with us.

More of my photos of the Pride Parade can be found over at the OUTTV Facebook page.

Undeniable anthem of the week: Lady Gaga - Born This Way


X said...

Fantastic pictures. Looks like ye had a blast...it's great to support such a good cause and have fun doing so :)


kbousq said...

Looks like so much fun! And how adorable is that puppy!

Kristen | Stylish in Sequins

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Hanna-Kaisa said...

You seemed to have such a fun time! It's exactly what the world needs.

Piia Õ. said...

The pictures are so fun, your boyfriend looks so cool.

Shara said...

very interesting pics ..like them
La Folie 

Sarah said...

Lovely pictures, and what a great cause!


Shelby said...

this is a really great post. i totally agree with you. hope you had fun!

MuffinMonsters said...

I agree with you, that everyone should be happy with a person who they really love. my attitude to homosexuals is rather neutral, but I definitely claim that nobody should be treated worse because of for example being a gay.

i hope you had suach a good time :)

PS. your dress is really pretty :)

Meri said...

that looks like so much fun! :D love it!!!!


Unknown said...

looks like a blast! i love the buttons on your dress!

<3 steffy
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Seventh Of July said...

I love pride! Great photos & post. :)


Annalise said...

Here in San Francisco we have a wonderful gay pride week. I'm so glad the some areas in the world are more open to tolerance today more than ever before. You are so great to stand up for people that cannot speak for themselves! And you looked great too.

Laurein said...

De sfeer ziet er geweldig uit, ik ben blij dat ik in een land leef waar dit allemaal wel geaccepteerd wordt.
Leuke flats ook! Mijn vriend en ik waren er nog over aan het denken om gothenburg te bezoeken. Maar het gaat waarschijnlijk Londen worden :)
Klopt het dat Daniel in ieper moest spelen volgend weekend? normaal kwam ik kijken, maar door de herexamens gaat dat wat moeilijk x

Laurein said...

Het schooljaar gaat veel sneller beginnen dan ik denk :) maar ja, dat hoort erbij!

Oh spijtig, ik wil EF al wel even zien. Ze zijn een tijdje geleden ook nog eens in de buurt geweest, maar toen had ik ook examens. misschien en volgende keer.

We zijn het misschien volgend jaar van plan :) en dan contacteer ik je zeker voor tips!

Lace and Tulle said...

Love your DRess!!!!

Eline said...

het ziet er echt super uit!
Ik vind het ook een heel goed intiatief.
Ben bij de gay pride geweest in amsterdam, was echt leuk om te zien. :)

Unknown said...

Wauw, indrukwekkende foto's!

minnja said...

Lovely dress, great photos!



Renee said...

Looks fantastic, you're doing a great job :)

love your dress too.


The Semi Sweet said...

How lucky everyone is in Sweden. It must be wonderful to live in a country where sexual orientation is a freedom and people can marry whomever they choose.

Living in the south of the US is so hard because it can be so backwards. Its called the Bible Belt and its saddening that people can't have the same rights as others...although we toot our own horn for our freedom...blah blah blah. Anywho, civil rights and liberities gets me chatty.

xOxO S said...

amazing pictures ! ♥


Kelly-Ann Maddox said...

AMAZING photographs Laura :) I love the banner, 'Marching for those who can't' - that's a beautiful sentiment, although I agree it should be completely unnecessary in this world by now.

Hah, you guys went a little sticker crazy.

Georgy said...

Your dress is lovely and Stockholm is a beautiful city!