Why are you so skinny?

This is gonna be a long post about an issue I've been meaning to address for quite a long time. A large part of the questions I get are about why I'm so skinny, how I stay skinny, what I eat, what diets I recommend etc.

What I do to stay skinny? I'm sorry to say this, but not much at all. Actually, as an avid fastfood and pizza lover, I'm surprised I'm not twice as big. I've always had a fast metabolism and everyone in my family is just naturally skinny. Unfortunately not everyone is blessed with this and I realize how lucky I am, but I and other bloggers like me have been getting a lot of comments about our weight and lots of questions about eating disorders. Apparently a lot of my photos have appeared on pro-ana blogs and I just wanted to say that I am not okay with that, I do not support or promote that kind of lifestyle at all.

For everyone who genuinely want to know about health and recipes etc: I can give you some tips on how to get to get healthier without going diet-crazy. These are simple basic things that I try to live by, although I have the luxury to ignore these rules sometimes.

I'll start with an awesome recipe for something everyone can enjoy: crisps.
These ones have no fat at all, they're gorgeous and crispy and delicious, super fast and easy to make.

With a potato-peeler (or cucumber-slicer or whatever you like to call it), cut really thin slices of potato. Put them on a sheet of baking paper that'll fit into your microwave. Make sure they're not overlapping, or else they won't be crispy! You can add any seasoning you like, anywhere from salt, pepper, chili-, curry-, paprika-powder and so on. You can even dip them in vinegar! You don't want to put too much salt on 'em though, cause that'll take it back to being really bad for you.

They should look like this when they go in. Put the sheet of baking paper onto the glass plate of your microwave. I set my microwave at the highest setting for 2,5 minutes. Then I open the microwave for a couple of seconds to let the steam out and then they go for another minute. You're gonna want to experiment with the settings of your microwave a bit to find out what's perfect for yours. You're waiting for them to turn a bit brown in places.
When they come out, hopefully they'll look like this:
Let them cool for a while and then you can put them in a bowl. Leave the door of the microwave open while preparing your next batch to let the steam out.

How beautiful is that? This bowl has about two batches. I never thought a microwave could make such gorgeous healthy snacks.

Here are some useful tips for healthier living:
-Never skip meals, especially not breakfast. Eat something small every couple of hours to keep your metabolism going.
-Lower your portions. I eat all the things I like, including fries, pizza, burgers etc, but I generally try to keep my portions small. A great tip for lowering your portions is to buy smaller plates, bowls, pans. That way you won't have that much empty space on your plate. Also cook less so you're not tempted to go for that second serving. If you want to have some crisps or ice cream at night, put a serving in a bowl. Don't eat out of the bag, cause you and I both know it'll be gone before you know it.
-Slow down. Chewing your food well will make it easier to digest. You'll also see that you're less likely to overeat.
-Eat plenty of fruit and veg. It's almost too obvious, but I thought I'd mention it anyway. I tend to buy fresh vegetables, but it's a good idea to always keep some frozen veggies in the freezer!
-Quit soda, drink lots of water. Soda = poison. It's such a bad thing to put into your body. For me this is quite an easy one, 'cause I've never been a fan of soda. But I agree, tap water is one of the most boring things to drink. That's why I buy sparkling water! It still has that nice fizz that'll make it feel like soda, but there are no calories, no sugars, no sweeteners, no artificial flavors. It might take a while to get used to, though, so you might want to add some flavor by throwing in a slice of lemon or a couple of mint-leaves. This'll also be good for your wallet, cause over here you pay about four times as much for a bottle of Coke than for a bottle of sparkling water. Winning!
-Work it. If working out/going to the gym is a big step for you (it certainly is for me), then see where you can sneak exercise into your daily routine. Get a bike, cycle to school or work, walk more, go dancing! Every bit helps.
-Consider vegetarian options. I think a lot of people still see vegetarianism so black and white. A popular misconception is that you have to be either a 100% vegetarian (the kind with armpithair and a deep hatred and judgement for everyone who does eat meat), or not you're vegetarian at all. That is such a 1970's state of mind. I eat mostly vegetarian and often vegan food, but I'll have a Whopper if want one, I'll take salami on my pizza and I love a good barbecue. But most of the time I eat meat replacements. Vegetarian alternatives are really yummy, really healthy and -not unimportantly- a lot cheaper. I think people could benefit a lot by eating a bit less meat. No one likes an evangelical vegetarian, but if you're into the subject, read Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer. It really put me off meat for a while and I was shocked by the effect the meat industry has on the environment. I buy the best quality meat whenever I can. People have been asking me about yummy vegetarian recipes and I'll think about sharing some on this blog from time to time for inspiration.
-Don't set a goal weight and don't diet. I don't mean to sound like Dr Phil on this one, but it's unavoidable. Don't say: I'm gonna try this diet until I weigh so-and-so many kilo's. Going on a diet will make you feel like you're depriving yourself of something, and as soon as you reach that goal (or as soon as you notice the diet's not working for you) you'll probably fall back into your old habits quite quickly, resulting in the famous yoyo dieting. Instead tell yourself you're going to change your lifestyle. It can only take small changes like the ones listed above to make a big difference in the way you eat. If you're seriously worried about your health, you should consider seeing a dietician.


MFP said...

i try to eat healthy as well but i lack serious exercise haha! thanks for the tips and recipe!

X said...

Great post! I've always been very skinny and am an incredibly picky eater when it comes to healthy food (I dont discriminate when it comes to junk food) but when I pick at dinners and often leave a lot behind on my plate I can see people adding two and two together and getting twenty so I know how frustrating it is. I love the healthy crisp recipe too - I'll definitely be giving it a go.



Mystylehistory said...

wat een goede post! jammer dat ik geen magnetron heb voor de chips, werkt het ook in de oven denk je? :)


El said...

I'm naturally skinny, too, and I get upset when some people think I'm starving myself. Being skinny has a lot to do with genetics as you said.


Essiefashion said...

I'm also naturally skinny, and also many people think I eat not enough !, hate that!!
These are good tips!!
And that about selfmade chips!,have to try that!, looks delicious!

Dear Deer said...

have just tried the crisp recipe with some smoked paprika...delicious. You have changed my snacking ways as crisps are my downfall.

Thank you x

Claire Clift said...

This is really great post. I just fell a little bit more in love with your blog :]

SophiadelSol said...

Love this post! I´m gonna try this potato recipe today, wish me luck!
loved you talk about vegetarianism its so important to give good information about it! I´ve been vegetarian all my life and lovin it

Daniela said...

A big big BIG *clap clap* for the section on vegetarian meals. My sentiments exactly! x

Anonymous said...

words to live by. xxo

Klara Škrlec said...

This is my favourite blog - your lifestyle really is an inspiration! :D <3

Krissy ~ style san san said...

aww this is a great post, so lucky to be naturally thin!
Krissy xoxo


Ellie said...

You are a hero for writing this, thank you. x

this is a documentation, maybe. said...

so so smart! i'll try the crisps, thank you :)

Vanessa, Take only Memories said...

Great post! I'm certainly going to try those chips! Lucky that you have fast metabolism! I really really don't...but I try to eat healthy and only have fastfood and pizza once in a while. My downfall is chocolate :)

Amralelaminium said...

wow, nice thinking, and especially, nice advising. i'm totally for a non-diet and less-eating lifestyle. totally good to cut a bit on sweets, soda, and too much fat...it works i promise!

Christine (Fash n Chips) said...

I never eat crisps, but this idea sounds/seems so great I'm definitely going to give it a try this week! :D

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear your content was abused like that.

These tips are great and those chips look delicious :)

Louise said...

Ah, ik vind dit echt cool trouwens. Ik denk dat dit soort dingen mensen over het algemeen wat meer aanspoort om serieus met hun gezondheid om te gaan ipv zware regimes met ranzige smoothie-achtige verhalen.

Casie Jean said...

This was great to read, and I'm happy you addressed the topic in such a positive and encouraging way xxx

Jean said...

seriously... some people are just natural born skinnies and i totally understand.

and this is quite funny because the other day i was just thinking about making my own potato chips.

and i very much agree... no crazy diets! i don't hold out on any type of food. i still love my corn dogs, pizza & french fries... i just portion myself.. i just always tell ppl b/c they think i'm "skinny" which my thunder thighs don't lie... i am not.. just tell 'em... my diet is "portion, portion, portion." i've cut back on pop. my family is total pop-o-holics!! i have a cup once a week... in hot weather, i could careless.

Taylor said...

Your tips are great and attainable! You also look very healthy. Thank you for sharing this.

Michelle said...

Great advice!

Sarah: said...

Excellent post -- especially about changing your lifestyle in a more healthy way, as opposed to dieting -- you're such an awesome role model to your followers! :)

Sara said...

Goede post!
En ook goed om te horen dat je vegetariër bent maar wel lekker doet waar je zin in hebt. Ik ben ook vegetariër en onlangs heb ik voor het eerst weer eens een stukje kip gegeten (na veel te lang getwijfeld hebben dacht ik: what the hell, doe gewoon waar je zin in hebt) en ik blijf nog steeds 'soort van vegetariër', maar als ik eens per maand een stukje vlees wil, ga ik dat ook gewoon lekker doen :)

Je aardappelsnack-tip is een goede, snel eens uitproberen!

Kathrin said...

Great post! I'll try the crisp recipe :)

HiLLjO said...

By smaller portions you mean the size of your palm. I think that's what messes a lot of people up. They can't eat 6 oreos; they eat the whole damn bag.

Anonymous said...

This makes me so happy to read, very refreshing and real. I wish your healthy outlook and advice made a few more appearences in the mainstream media. Thank you.

NeCia said...

Great post! It was so helpful ^_^

jennaforjethro said...

I am so so happy to read a post like this, there should be many more out there. Thank you for being so refreshing and honest and encouraging girls to love the skin they're in. When you're not obsessing about weight and dieting it is much easier to get to and stay at a healthy weight that is perfect for you xo

Emilie said...

I just found your blog.
It is so lovely.
This recipe for making you own crisps is great! My boyfriend has been experiencing with making his own too and I am definitely going to tell him about this.
Thanks for sharing!
Greetings from FarfallaDK