23rd of May

SORRY for my absence. I'll probably won't post much for another couple of days starting now because tomorrow me and the boy are off to Barcelona for the week. Will most likely be on Twitter though!

Here is a lovely dress I got from Miss Patina. Absolutely adore their new summercollection!

Yesterday we went to Paradiso to see Sam Amidon. The man is a delight. Awesome music, awesome show, awesome banjo skills. A couple of days before that we saw this awesome band called Vessels. Genius!

By the way, I uploaded a different version of the video I had in my previous post. Got a lot of complaints that it was blocked in the U.S.! CLICK. This time there is no song so you can use your own music or sing or just watch it in silence.

Back to packing my suitcase!


Vanessa, Take only Memories said...

Gorgeous dress! The collar is adorable!

Blond Panther & Louboutin... said...

so lovely ;))


Phara said...

Veel plezier in Barcelona! Supermooie jurk.

Anonymous said...

great dress :)

P. said...

What a cute dress! *3*
I would like to order some dresses from Miss Patina, because I love this retro and pretty style... but I saw there was only "S-M" and "L" sizes... I don't know if it will be OK for me, because usually I'm wearing XS size.
Do you think it could fit?
Kisses from Paris ;)


Laura @ The World Looks Red said...

Thank you!

I'm also an XS, I'm really really tiny, but the dresses usually fit. They're sometimes a bit on the baggy side but the dresses are made in a way that it still looks really cute. They're never supposed to be super tight-fitting. I guess it'll depend on the cut of the dress whether it'll look cute or not but up to now I always find they fit well!

Our Youth said...

Cute dress x

Kathrin said...

Cute dress!

Have fun in Barcelona :)

lies said...

wat n leuk jurkje! veel plezier in barca :)

Anonymous said...

wonderful dress! and the pics look great against the sunlight!

Belinda said...

Hi! It's a lovely dress, love the polka dots and the collar together. :D


Cindy Van Dyck said...

Het staat je supermooi & die foto's zijn erg leuk ook :)! Have fun in Spanje xx

sweet harvest moon said...

Heel mooi kleedje!

Have fun!


Sarah said...

these are the best. so much sun :)

Bohemian said...

Prachtig jurkje & mooie foto's!

Anaivilo said...

The video and music is great! And I love your new dress, it suits you very well :D
Have fun in Barcelona!

Anonymous said...

Looking lovely :) Have a brilliant time!

Mischel double W said...

the dress is so lovely, suits you :)

Jessica said...

The dress is so wonderful.


Kellie said...

Such a cute dress! There are so many Miss Patina dresses on my wishlist right now that it's not even funny!

Anonymous said...

Thats cute! Love the dress! XO Raspberry & Rouge


Lady Fur said...

♡I love it so much!!!!!!!
from your follower! ♡
With love Little Sable

Anonymous said...

So cute and lovely, this dress is absolutly chic.