27th of April

Primark skirt, H&M Conscious Collection top, Bershka hat.
Photos by Daniel

Sorry for my lack of updating! My time outside is seriously cutting into my time online.

My dear Elke came to Amsterdam! I love her, she is pretty and wonderful and fun and her hair is really long and she sings nice and she's one of my best friends ever.

We walked around town and then we had a picnic with some more friends and then we went to see Balthazar at Paradiso. Fun times!


Paulien said...

Prachtige outfit! Dat topje is vooral heel erg mooi.
Hoe kan je ook anders dan met zo'n weer buiten te zitten?! :)

Rachel said...

I'm a big fan of floppy hats right now!

And out of the bottle is the only way to drink champagne!

Ellie said...

Elke is beautiful and she sure does have a beautiful voice! Love the skirt/vest combo! x

Anonymous said...

i like it ;)



Dylana Suarez said...

I love your skirt!



girl and bird said...

that looks like an awesome day! i love this top!

Annah xx


Anonymous said...

love these pics, sounds like a funny day!
like your outfit!!

Janelle Haskin said...

What a fabulous day!



Unknown said...

Looks like a fun day... we done the same over easter. Spent as much time outside possible! Love your lace crop top, so sweet.

Marisa :)

Two Happy Hearts said...

GORGEOUS! i'd love to have a picnic once our weather stays warm :) you look adorable.

Love Like Birds said...

All that love right back at ya!
Good good times

Emma Litton said...

I love that top, you look so beautiful! I'm in love with lace tops right now, they are so great.

Beti ♥ fashiontazja said...

great shots! I love this hat!

rĂªverie said...

Heerlijke foto's!

Jennifer said...

Ziet er gezellig uit! En je top si heel erg mooi!