Les Jumelles Giveaway - CLOSED

You're probably familiar with Les Jumelles, a jewelry-boutique run by two sisters from Barcelona. They sell really cute vintage and vintage-inspired jewelry. Recently they've been featured in magazines like Vogue and Elle (several times!). We're teaming up for a second time to let one of you lucky readers win an item of your choice!

What you have to do?
  • Become a fan of Les Jumelles on Facebook.
  • Make sure you're following this blog on Google Friend Connect or Bloglovin' (or both, of course)
  • Leave a comment with what your favorite item from the Les Jumelles shop is. Be sure to leave your e-mail so I can contact you.
  • You can enter until the 29th of March. Then I will randomly pick a winner. This is an international giveaway so anyone can enter!
This giveaway is now closed.


Krissy ~ style san san said...

I've actually never heard of them before!
Thanks for sharing, I do love their vintage-esque jewellery!
I love all the french, paris, eiffel tower items they have, so cute! especially the ones with little phrases and quotes in french!
Krissy xoxo

A said...

ohhhh I love everything from les jumelles!!
vintage piano, le petit cheval and carousel would have to be my favorites!!

following with google friend connect, fb name is Alkisti Kal,
email: luluayo (at) gmail (dot) com


hope I win!

The fashion building / DIY said...

Really nice! My favorite is the 'combien tu m'aimes' necklace!


Follow you by bloglovin :)

sweet harvest moon said...

I really like 'Le gardien de mes rêves -Feuille verte'
I love owls!

harvestmoonblog *at* gmail.com

aakanksha said...

They've got such beautiful pieces!
My favorite piece is the Le petit oiseau-bracelet!



Anonymous said...

My favorite is the 'Medaillon petit noued'
I follow you on bloglovin' as of quite recently and am really enjoying your blog!

callmeisolde at hotmail dot com

Emma said...

Superleuke give away! Les Jumelles heeft zulke leuke dingen!


Dit is mijn favoriete item!

email: info.emmaa@gmail.com

x Emma

Essiefashion said...

Super :D
Ik vind de Romantic time necklace het mooist !

Anastasia said...

Les Jumelles!!!
I love them...all their jewellery is so lovely and cute.
I like the'Le Papillon'necklace with the green-brown butterfly...


Aniek said...


that's my favourite! Awesome give-away and Site!


Nathalie said...

Oh, awesome, another Les Jumelles giveaway!
My favorite item is the "La libertée Argentée" necklace.

Amber said...

i think my fave piece is the Paradis necklace. Love the color.


Anonymous said...

I honestly never hurt of them before. But they have pretty, original jewelry. But I like especially the Hélène.

Mail: kimberleybergman@hotmail.nl
(I have no blog at the moment)

Michelle said...

their stuff is so amazing. i loved the vintage butterfly necklace, but its all sold out :( but i also adore the C'est la vie -bracelet.


Megan said...

My favorite is the C'est la vie bracelet! Its a commonly used phrase between my friends. :)

Blush and Flats said...


love it <3 great giveaway !


Carolina said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ling Ling said...

I am in love with the lion cuff
but they are sold out! However, this Love Potion necklace is darling too http://lesjumellesboutique.bigcartel.com/product/love-potion

I am following you, and I liked their page. whitney.landon@gmail.com

Jessy said...

I looove this website! I'd love the "Magnify my Love" I adore this piece so much ;)



Romance Is Boring said...

Ooh, all of these pieces are gorgeous! I think the "so retro" pendant is my favourite though, enter me please! I'm already following both you and Les Jumelles x


Piia Õ. said...

Their shop is too cute !
It was a tough one between the carrousel and the le petit oui necklaces, but I'd say that my favourite is the Le Petit Oui necklace. Got to love Paris :)
I'm following you on Google Friend Connect .
bowtiediary at gmail dot com

Tales said...

I love the 15 façons de te dire je t'aime necklace! it's lovely.
I follow your blog and I liked Les Jumelles on facebook.
*crosses fingers* I hope I win.

chern said...

im in absolute love with the love potion necklace, and like the ENTIRE store! How adorable! And consider myself a fan!


Klara Škrlec said...

http://lesjumellesboutique.bigcartel.com/product/so-retro I love it !!!

Nikki said...

My favorite:


Anonymous said...

this is my fav necklace: http://lesjumellesboutique.bigcartel.com/product/romantic-time

my email: dar.142173 at yahoo dot com


Nora said...

Yiihhaa another Les Jumelles giveaway!
I love your blog so much :)

My favorite is the Piano vintage.


Elizna Rocher said...

My favourite is the Antique Gold Victorian Miniature Purse necklace - the intricate patterns engraved on it make it exceptional!

Supporting you from Cape Town,



Mónica said...

They have amazing things! My favourite is "L'éventail argenté"

Est précieux! spemad@gmail.com

a girl with a smile said...

This is my fav item: http://lesjumellesboutique.bigcartel.com/product/le-sifflet-vintage

buried.ash3s (at) gmail.com

Here's to winning!

Kylie said...

They have such pretty jewelry! My favourite is the Alice in Wonderland inspired 'Drink Me' necklace... thanks for doing this giveaway!

gilveva @ yahoo.com

phoebe said...

I love the c'est la vie bracelet! so sweet.
phoebedoes@yahoo.co.uk xx

fisiwoman said...

I love Souvenirs d'enfance necklace!

Ana Belén R.M

Mary said...

I'm a GFC follower, and I liked them on facebook. My favorite item would be the Le Papillon necklace! So pretty!


Fiona Marquess said...

Hello! I'm following you on bloglovin, your blog is definitely one of my very favourites.
I love the Les Jumelles jewellery too, I adore that French chic-ness :)
I love la libertée argentée and the little carousel necklace.
My email is skyblue-pink@hotmail.co.uk
thanks a million!

Courtney said...

Bracelet Woodstock. I'm totally in love. <3


Hannah, Lost in wishful thinking said...

this lovely necklace with an old singer sewing machine figurine on it!

so pretty, and it has a longer chain too.

lupe22m said...

omg vintage!!
love it..favorite item would have to be the lion bracelet of the bird bracelet that your giving away!
following them and you of course.
would love to win this steal!

lupe..from cali..=)


AKB said...

This is all so lovely! It's so hard to choose! But, choose I will ... XO

L'éventail argenté


Julia Denise said...

i absolutely adore the 'romantic time' necklace.


Alicia said...

I love the alice and wonderland things but my favorite is the Vintage perfume bottle-jumper!



Anaivilo said...

They do such a amazing work! Here is what I like: http://lesjumellesboutique.bigcartel.com/product/singer-style

Of course I am following you already through both.

my email: olivik_loly@yahoo.com

R. A. said...

I'm a fan on facebook and following this blog. :) This necklace is to die for:
So sweet!!!

Flora said...

I love their necklaces! My favourite is the Alice in Wonderland inspired necklace (http://lesjumellesboutique.bigcartel.com/product/alice-in-wonderland-inspired), I'm a follower of your blog via GFc and I like Les Jumelles on FB (my profile: Flora Sturla). Thanks for this fantastic giveaway!

kathryn said...

It is so difficult to choose a favorite when everything is so beautiful, but my favorite would have to be the Les Fleurs vintage.

Thank you so much!



Kenziefaith said...

Such a pretty shop! I personally love the "Romantic time."


Rose said...

Ohh I adore the piano!!!

ellbell4 @ aol . com

Lauren Helen said...

I love love love La Baronne!
I'm following you on Bloglovin'!


∞ thao said...

- Fan of Les Jumelles
- Following you on bloglovin'
- Fav item: Bracelet Woodstock
- Email: thao-thao@live.com.au

Unknown said...

Following you and fan of Fan of Les Jumelles.

My favorite is Le secret de ma grandmère argenté


lisa signorini said...

this is an amazing giveway!!!
My favorits is the vintage piano!


Veren Lee said...

I liked the fan page, also following you through GFC.
My favorite is medallion dorothy!


Balancebeam said...

kayleighsmetsers [at] gmail.com
Mes désirs de printemps

Zal ik je ook maar eens gaan volgen dan, google je altijd gewoon haha


Unknown said...

so beautiful! i love that style of jewellery and the bracelet vintage "Legende" is the best for me.
kisses from Poland!


ps. i'm following you on bloglovin'

Anonymous said...

i really like the le sifflet vintage.


minù said...

my favourite is "souvenirs d'enfance"

Meri. said...

gosh yes! I love them and every single piece of their creations!

my fav: http://lesjumellesboutique.bigcartel.com/product/le-petit-oui-doré



Unknown said...

I'm totally in love with the white rocking horse necklace ^_^
So cute and funny :)
I'm following you via Bloglovin ;)

Mariam Harutyunyan said...

I'm following you a long time! And i'm a fan on facebook..
I adore the 'Romantic time' necklace! ♥
xo Mari

Mari. said...

Everything is beyond gorgeous there, it was such a hard decision to make, but teal is one of my favourite colours and this perfume bottle necklace looks truly enchanting to me:

My e-mail is kutsamari@hotmail.com

Ritsa said...

Hi Laura!
Thanks for that give-away
I like the Medaillon Dorothy with the red shoes..so pretty!


Duck Sauce said...

Hey there!
Thats a great give-away!!!
I like the silver 'Telvita By Les Jumelles' with the Tour Eiffel!!!


Jessber_xo said...

Oh everything is so lovely!!
My fav is the carousal and the vintage piano!

<3 your blog!

sarajane said...

I love the Sautoir bouteille parfum in silver. It's beautiful!

Paloma G. said...

It's really difficult to choose only one of the things they have because everything is wonderful, but finally I chose the one called Souvenirs d'enfance.

My email is: palomagomezfabra@gmail.com

Thanks for the giveaway and congrats for the blog.

Paloma - Très Mode

Leen said...

My favourite item is 'La Baronne II' necklace, although it was a hard choice, because there are so many other ones that i liked! :]

My email is : kirakirajanai@gmail.com

Unknown said...

i'm soo in love with les jumelles! my favorite item is 'la libertée', took a long time to decide ;) my email
: chlisbeth@hotmail.de

Katrien said...

I'm in for this beautiful giveaway. My favourite item is this necklace: http://lesjumellesboutique.bigcartel.com/product/mes-souspirs-du-luxe

I'm following you on bloglovin, and I'm allready a fan of les jumelles on facebook!

Like your blog a lot!

Anjani said...

Pretty giveaway! :)
I like everything from Les Jumelles, but the 'Promesse' is caught my eye :)

I following your blog and also liked Les Jumelles on facebook :)


Rosanne said...

Mmm extremely lovely!
I especially love the 'souvenir d'enfance' necklace :)
My e-mail: roosjevw@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...



Kristin Wyly said...

I love the Machine à coudre! But really, everything there is so adorable, its hard to choose.


Anonymous said...

I'm following you via Blogger,
and like'd Les Jumelles on Facebook before :)

this is my favourite item, which isn't too hard to guess if you look at my blog's header.. ;)


Indie by Heart


Anika said...

Les Jumelles - Lovely shop! Lovely things!

It was hard to choose but my favorite thing would have to be The Secret of my grandmother silver. This looks so simple and beautiful!


MFP said...

It's a lucky thing for me to stumble upon your blog because I love vintage-related stuff too!

Thanks so much for this giveaway! I really like the Bracelet Woodstock, which has the red peace sign on it.

Here's my contact address!: knightkiss@ymail.com

Lisa said...

That is such a great giveaway idea!
I love the Coup de coeur necklace from them, but it was very hard to choose.

Follow them on FB and your blog via Google.

- Lisa

Anonymous said...

Everything from Les Jumelles is adorable! I love that 'Le carrousel' so much!

Wish you a good day :">

J. said...

http://www.lesjumellesboutique-shop.com/product/mon-paris-%C3%A0-moi necklace Mon Paris a moi is my favourite item:)

my email: katarzynapyrgiel@ymail.com

mightymackers said...

What beautiful jewellery and a lovely post. Thank you so much for posting this, I have spent quite a lot of time browsing the website :)

My favourite is Madallion Les fleurs-papillon, closely followed by the Machine a Coudre !

mightymackers@hotmail.co.uk (Kathryn)

I love reading your blog :)

cherryluver260 said...

Thank you for having this giveaway! I love the lion cuff but sadly it's sold out on the website. http://lesjumellesboutique.bigcartel.com/product/lion-bracelet


Wiebke S. said...

I love this shop so much ... and your blog is my favourite :)
you are a inspiration for me ...

This is my favourite from 'les jumelles boutique':
> La musique des années 1950


Mary isn't Jane anymore said...

Well, I hope I´m in time.
I love the vintage piano (item 2)


Maria, Portugal