De Efteling

Our trip to De Efteling yesterday was so much fun! We had great weather and there were hardly any queues. We went on all the fun rides at least twice. We had looots of junkfood and icecream and candy.

Watch the little video I made! Of course the Youtube-still is me drinking beer. Typical. Ignore that.

Afterwards we went to Jaga Jazzist in Rotterdam and they were amaaazing. I was overwhelmed. I don't have that many pictures of the gig, but I made some videos that I might put up in a future blogpost.

Oh yes, the forces of random.org chose Nora of There's A Lot Of Things To Do Before You Die to be the winner of my Les Jumelles giveaway. There's an e-mail waiting in your inbox!


28th of March

Only dress and Esprit shoes // both courtesy of Zalando
photos by Daniel
I love this dress 'cause it reminds me a little bit of that Kate Moss for Topshop one! And these shoes are amazing 'cause they're 14cm high but they're really comfortable and easy to walk in. Boyfriend isn't crazy about them; with these babies on I'm 1.80, which is taller than he is.

Excited about the themepark tomorrow and after that we're going to Rotterdam for Jaga Jazzist! Hah, what a day.

This next bit's for the Dutchies (wow, first time writing in Dutch on this blog!)
Jullie kennen Zalando vast wel van die (vrij irritante) tv-reclames. Toen ze me benaderden voor 'n review op mijn blog, wist ik niet echt wat ik kon verwachten. Maar toen ik hun site bekeek vond ik echt veel leuke dingen! Ik dacht dat ze alleen schoenen hadden, maar ze hebben ook kledingmerken als Vero Moda, Vila, Nümph en Mint & Berry. En superschattige retro bikini's met fijne grote broekjes. Oja, en ze verzenden alles gratis en supersnel; ik had mijn pakketje de volgende dag al binnen! Kortom, heel tevreden over deze site en ik kan 'm jullie zeker aanraden.

Song of the day: Jaga Jazzist - Oslo Skyline


26th of March

Monki skirt, H&M cardigan and shoes, vintage hat.
Photos by Daniel.

On tuesday me and the boy are going to Efteling, a really cool themepark. We've been there before, almost exactly 2 years ago. Anyone remember these pics?

Had another interview over at I Like That Blog!

And remember there's still a couple of days to enter my Les Jumelles giveaway.

Song of the day: Tim Kasher - Bad, Bad Dreams


23rd of March

Sweater, hat and shoes from H&M, Bikbok skirt, Romwe tights.
Photos by Daniel.

We went to the funfair! It was so much fun and it was the first day that it was okay to go out without a coat on. It feels so great that spring is finally here for real.

I have some new things up on my press page: an interview at Mjukt Ljus and a Street Chic feature on Mama's A Rollingstone Magazine.

Have you already entered my Les Jumelles giveaway?

Song of the day: Guillemots - Annie Let's Not Wait


Les Jumelles Giveaway - CLOSED

You're probably familiar with Les Jumelles, a jewelry-boutique run by two sisters from Barcelona. They sell really cute vintage and vintage-inspired jewelry. Recently they've been featured in magazines like Vogue and Elle (several times!). We're teaming up for a second time to let one of you lucky readers win an item of your choice!

What you have to do?
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This giveaway is now closed.


the weekend

Last weekend Florence was in town and she took these pictures with her disposable cam. Florence is the lovely lady who's in the last picture with me!

Song of the day: Liars - Clear Island


20th of March

Vintage dress / H&M shoes / ring from Noordermarkt
photos by Daniel

Look at this adorable ring! I found it at Noordermarkt, it was made by a Norwegian lady using fimo-clay. There were lots of different kinds of cakes, slices, doughnuts, ice-cream cones. Too cute! It was the first weekend of having my man back home, we went on long walks, lots of flea-market visits and we had about a million soy lattes in the sun. Living the life. I love spring.

Song of the day: Pulp - Disco 2000


17th of March

H&M coat and shoes, Fjällräven bag. I'm wearing a Zara dress underneath but there's only a micro-part visible so that's no use, is it? Photo by Ellis.
It's nice to have my man back home safe and sound. He had a blast on the Asia tour and luckily it was all very successful. Look at him being all badass-rockstar-like!
I was brave and impulsive this week and I bought two tickets to Primavera Sound. I am sooo excited! I've never been to Barcelona, and now we're gonna go there to see all the awesome bands in the world (Pulp! Belle and Sebastian! Flaming Lips! Sufjan Stevens! Animal Collective! It never ends, check for yourself.)

Mogwai were good but I wasn't overwhelmed. Their music is great, they played immaculately, they even had a video-screen with some projections but it never really blew me away until they played Fear Satan at the end. It just was a tad boring. I was surprised cause their music means so much to me, but it just didn't have much of an added value live.

Song of the day: Mogwai - Fear Satan


I don't want to spend much time, space or energy on negative things in this blog, but I felt I had to set some things straight here. I've been working with Wholesale-dress.net for a while; they've sent me some nice clothing which I promoted on my blog. Browsing their website, I found so many nice things that I recently decided to place an order myself.

Today I received my package, and i'll just post some picture to objectively show you the difference between the photos on the website and the actual garments. I have to be honest with you guys to hopefully prevent you from making the same mistake. I never would have taken them on if I'd known this before. This might be a bit unprofessional towards Wholesale-dress, but I really want to be honest with you, so you can have the guarantee that the companies I promote, are well worth checking out.
The first thing that struck me was that this garment looked as if it'd been dragged across a factory floor. Also, gold trimming? Really?

Two buttons instantly fell off and then there's the obvious difference color, sloppy design and the creative interpretation of the word 'chiffon'. This is the kind of fabric you don't expect to see on anything but a 3$ Halloween-costume.


Though I'm heavily disappointed, this one's still alright and I might be wearing it (with a basic dress underneath cause it's see-through), but I would've never bought it in this color!

Anyway, on a brighter note, there are also a lot of good things going on in sponsor-land. Like my new sponsor KLING, who I received a lovely package from today. A little preview:

I'm also putting up another giveaway with the amazing Les Jumelles for you later this week!

Again, sorry if some of you have ordered stuff off wholesale-dress because of me.