31st of January

Vintage Benetton coat, Monki dress, P&C bag, Primark belt, H&M shoes.
Photos by Daniel.

I promised I'd show you my business cards! I ordered them from Moo, it's really easy to design your cards there and they're really great quality. I already handed a few out at Fashion Week yesterday! I chose a couple of different designs, some more blog-oriented and some for my photography.

Song of the day: Donna Summer - I Feel Love


29th of January

Zara coat // P&C bag // H&M shoes // Shikha dress
photos by Daniel
The weather looks nice but it's really freakin' freezing. I'm working hard on making a post without the leopard coat, but I'd die if I'd take my coat off, and I like this coat 100 times more than all my other coats right now.

My pretty business cards came in today! I'll show them to you soon.

Song of the day: The Rapture - Echoes


28th of January

Zara coat, selfmade Sonic Youth-tee, vintage Moschino belt, Monki skirt.

Yesterday my childhood friend Maddie came to visit me in Amsterdam. We did some shopping together and then we went to Hardrock Café. My second time this week. It's really starting to become my hangout. It's cheap, the veggie burgers are yummy, you get free refills, they play cool music and the staff is friendly. Why go somewhere else? When we got home we watched Hot Rod. ♥

Fashion Week is going on just around the corner from my apartment, so I ran into some cute fellow bloggers (here's Denni, Louise and Alix).

I completely forgot to tell you I saw Godspeed You! Black Emperor last week and they were amazing. I've been waiting forever to see them. They played for 2,5 hours and I had goosebumps all the time, they played all their best songs and it was the most awesome concert ever.


25th of January

This is the dress I got from Petra at Restored. Love it! Thanks so much Petra ♥

Here are some little details in our apartment:

Oh, and I'm best dressed reader of the day over at TeenVogue today!

Song of the day: José Gozález - Teardrop (amazing cover)


23rd of January

Just a short one today my lovelies! I just wanted to show you my bag. I know lots of people have been looking for a well-made Birkinesque bag, so here we go: it's from a department-store called Peek & Cloppenburg, I got this baby in Düsseldorf but I think they must have it in other places too? The brand is Jake*s, if that helps at all.

Also, I've been saying it for ages but I'm REALLY preparing to start selling some things on eBay, so expect the first batch at some point in the next few weeks. Time to put some use to that quiet goldmine that's been stuffed in boxes under my bed. And in the storage room. And in my room in my parents' house. And their attic.

This song has been one of my favorite songs for a really long time. It's so life-affirmingly beautiful, Thom Yorke has the voice of an angel.
Thom Yorke - Atoms For Peace.

Oh and you can still contact me regarding my
cheap February ads up until the 1st!


Modcloth love

Valentine's still 3 weeks away, but why not bring a little romance into your life right now?


21st of January

H&M strapless dress and cardigan / Zara coat / Topshop shoes / vintage bag
Today my mum and I went shopping in Düsseldorf. I found a really great Birkin-inspired bag. I know it's not okay to buy fakes, copyright infringement makes me sad, BUT it's just so pretty and it's completely unrealistic that I'd ever be able to afford a real one.

I'm excited to tell you about some new interviews! I'm this month's International Blogger of the Month over at Dirt on Your New Shoes, and I was interviewed at The Fashion Brewery; a new fashion news website. Click on the links to read!

PS I know the shoes don't look great with the outfit but these are the only ones that I can walk in comfortably for a whole day. Also I'm visiting my parents so I'm a bit limited in my options.

Song of the day: Owen Pallett - Lewis Takes Action


February sponsors

I have a few sidebar ad-spaces open for February, which will go for 20€ this month! Besides that I'll accept products to show to my readers, giveaways, or I can do a sponsor spotlight. If you think your webshop, Etsy or blog would appeal to my readers, send me an e-mail and we can talk about the possibilities! I can even design an ad for you if you don't have one.


18th of January

Primark dress / Topshop shoes
Photos by Daniel

I've been looking for a dress like this forever and ever and ever and I finally found one at Primark, for 11€! I also bought a really cute partydress for 10€ at H&M today, it's pretty and dusty pink and draped and wonderful and the only one left was in my size! I'll show it to you soon. I also got a really cute dress from one of my readers, Petra, who owns a really cool shop called Restored (check out their webshop!) here in Amsterdam, where you can buy really cool clothes and things for your home, all made by independent designers.

So lots of dress-happiness lately!

Song of the day: Mars Volta - Meccamputechture

(when I grow up, I want to be Omar Rodriguez-Lopez)


16th of January

Zara sweater / H&M dress and shoes / vintage hat
photos by Daniel
I'm totally hooked on wearing maxi skirts. I always thought I couldn't wear them cause I'm not that tall, but since I bought my first one at Monki a while ago, I really fell in love. I bought two more this week! Oh, I just love shopping the sales. I should promise myself to never shop non-sale anymore.

The skirt is a dress from H&M, you might have seen it around. I liked it so much except for the ruffles on the shoulders so I took those off. Now I can wear it under sweaters and cardigans.

P.S. excuse the hat being in every single outfit recently. It's the best accessory in rainy Amsterdam.

Song of the day: Loney Dear - Dear John (AMAZING)


14th of January

Dress from Arafeel, vintage boots and hat, Primark bag.
photos by Daniel, editing by me.

I promised you these photos! They were shot on the same day as this post.
Yesterday the MTV Style feature was put up. Thanks so much, MTV!

Again, if any of you want to follow me on Twitter, I'm @lauragommans!

Song of the day: The Polyphonic Spree - Light & Day


12th of January

Vintage coat, bike and bag / Modcloth dress / Zara cardigan.
Photos by Daniel

Oh oh oh, I'm so busy with all my schoolwork. Of course I procrastinated all my assignments to the very very last moment, and on top of that I have 3 exams next week! So sorry if I'm not replying to many comments or emails! After next week I'll have a couple of weeks off so I'll be back to surfing the blogosphere all day, every day.

Anyway, I can't believe how fast my blog is growing! In these first few days of January I already did 3 interviews, was featured on Refinery29, have a French magazine feature lined up... Today I was featured on WhoWhatWear.com as well, and later this week I'll be on MTV Style. Blows ma miiind. Really, I can't thank you all enough for supporting me!! ♥

Song of the day: Villagers - The Pact (I'll be your fever)