4th of November

Yesterday the lovely boys of the New Wine played at Paradiso. Elke and I met them a long time ago in Rotterdam. Was so nice to see them again. Listen listen listen! (Especially if you're into The Whitest Boy Alive. Or dancing.)

The New Wine - I Had To Tell You (live)

I got pretty drunk yesterday so today was supposed to be hangover day, but I had to go to school for our magazine's launch-presentation, which was of course celebrated with MORE DRINKS.

And then it gets dark so fast that I didn't have time for blogphotos. Tonight is going to be double-hangover-night starring Laura Gommans as Paul Rudd Fangirl.


Jay said...

ooh congrats on magazine launch ♥

Jessica said...

haha you are so funny!

i have to unpack a bunch of crap at our new house tonight so i think i WILL buy a bottle of wine and also get drunk while unpacking. i realize tomorrow is friday and while i have to work, its been a long ass week and i've been super stressed so i am going to do what i want!

Anonymous said...

Haha :)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE The Whitest boy alive, so thanks for sharing the new wine, I like them!