Photos by Angelo Pennetta for Japanese Vogue.

I never really post other people's photos BUT I just wanted to say that these pictures of my #1 girlcrush Abbey Lee really make me want to get a face transplant cut and dye my hair. I won't, though; after years I'm finally happy with the length of my hair again.


Heather Cavanaugh said...

Makes me want bangs!!!

kiss me quick said...

she's so pretty ^^ I love her style.

Makes me be really enjoy my bangs more x) ahah.

Trivia said...

i get what you're saying about the hair cut, sometimes i feel the same when i see pretty haircuts :P

lovely colors in this editorial

Emma Lavelle said...

She's so pretty. She looks so much nicer in these pics than with her recent blonde crop though xx

Steven said...

Beautiful pictures. I love her haircut as well. Maybe you should dye and cut your hair this way. I believe it will suit you.

Something else: when do we get to see a picture of you in your new black and white dress? That one you showed us at school with the flower on it.

Of The Saints said...

Abbey is amazing!