6th of October

Beauty and the Beast, Popeye and Olive, Chuck and Blair, Andy and Edie, Alice and the Mad Hatter, Michael and Bubbles, Danny and Sandy, Batman and Robin/Catwoman, Dorothy and Tin Man, Sid and Nancy, Fred and Wilma, Mario and Luigi... Plotting cheesy Halloween couples costumes.

And working hard. And still painting. But not blogging properly. Sorry. I love you.


Ismay said...

I think you two would probably make the cutest Dorothy and Tin Man possible. Imagine the gingham.. x

Love Like Birds said...

Painting? Tell me!
Plotting these costumes, why?

Piia Õ. said...

Chuck and Blair would be great. :)
It is so interesting to think , how you would dress up as Blair :)
Yes, I'm a huge GG fan :)

Laura @ The World Looks Red said...

Elks, ik ben mijn hele apartment aan het verven, eindelijk af van groen en oranje!!

Chuck and blair would be intersting but its gonna be hard to make daniel look like chuck, and dressing like blair is quite easy haha.