17th of October

Top from Ralph Lauren.

Daniel and I have been spending the whole weekend on Skype, more or less. This weekend was supposed to be ours and we're trying our best to make it ours. This morning we had a brunch-date and then just kept talking until the afternoon.

Later I went shopping looking for trousers, only to have confirmed what I already know; my body was made for dresses. I spotted this pretty thing at Zara but of course it looked super unflattering and bulky on me; I'm too short and skinny and shapeless. Sooo instead I bought another pink princess-dress that I'll show you soon.


Ismay said...

I really like the photo.
When you mentioned trousers i immediately thought of some just like those from zara- I thought they'd be perfect for you, I'm surprised they don't suit you! How tall are you? I always imagined you to be all tall and model like!

Laura @ The World Looks Red said...

I'm only like 167cm! Haha, I while ago I met a girl who reads my blog and the first thing she said was: 'Oh, you're so much shorter than I imagined!'.

Kellie said...

Trousers don't suit me at all, either! I'm basically the shortest person ever, so they just hang off of me awkwardly. Dresses are prettier anyway, though! :)

Abigail Oliveros said...

another great photo Laura

Anonymous said...

pink princess-dress sounds great!;)
I'm looking forward to your Post.
xx, Alice :)

Meri. said...

so nice you were having a weekend together in skype... =) that's love!

can't wait to see that dress!