14th of October

Sweater from Primark
Vintage skirt
Fjällräven backpack
Topshop shoes

Tomorrow Daniel comes! I don't really have anything else to write today except that I shouldn't have time to blog because I should be working on my research for school. But the research is on blogs so I guess in way I could justify this as schoolwork? Let's leave it at that.


Fii (Libertas) said...

Just found your blog, and I just thought it needed to be said I think your style is one of my faveourites from AL the blogs I have seen



Nicola said...

I think your watch is really cute, I'm actually on the look out for a watch like that myself. :)

Laura @ The World Looks Red said...

Thank you both!

Nicola, I love my watch too, mostly for practical reasons; sometimes I forget my watch and I go CRAZY. Need. To know. Time. At. All. Times. Anyways, mine was really cheap, like 5€; I'm sure you can find one just like it at any random market.

Spencer. said...

Beautiful outfit, I really love the colours, and your skirt is absolutely charming!
I'm your newest follower ;)

Kellie said...

That's such a pretty skirt! And haha, this blog definitely counts as research, in that case! Good thinking!

Percy Owl said...

Love everything! So I won't even list it out individually. This is everything I want to wear atm. And I love the backpack :D

Anonymous said...

Sorry I'm only replying now!

Its by this brand Henara, and it's like a tub of white waxy-conditioner stuff, and your just rub it in the lengths of your hair and leave it for 20 minutes or something, and then wash it out. They make lots of conditioner and shampoos and things that are henna based :) my ones are for brown hair, but I'm sure you can get red ones. It's amaaaaaaazing!

I love your outfit in the post :) I need to find some decent little brown shoes, like your ones. The word verification is Ditioni, it sounds rather italian! :D


Meri. said...

wow... I loved that! so good!
your hair is amazing!


Rebecca Maureen said...

Really sweet outfit!

Madeline said...

ah i love this look, your shoes are absolutely perfect ♥

Nell said...

Just stumbled across your blog and your outfits are so cute! It's so cool to find another blogger from the UK and recognise shop names!! hehe xx

Pamela said...

Love your outfit! I've got the same shoes! :)