I just realized I forgot to post these! On one of my last days in Sweden, Daniel and I took a long walk all around Delsjön.

My coat is from Monki
My shoes are from Topshop
I got my Liars t-shirt at a concert a few years ago
My skirt is DIY.

The day after tomorrow Daniel comes! And really soon after he leaves (the 8th), I go back to Gothenburg (the 15th), to be with him on his birthday (the 18th) cause I couldn't be there last year and that made me sad.

Man, I'm totally hooked on Tumblr. It's such a useless thing, really, but so addictive! Do you have Tumblr? I want links! School has started so I need some serious procrastination-material.


Camilla said...

I love these photos! Sweden is so freakin' beautiful...

Nicola said...

I love your skirt top combo.
I'm glad you can be with Daniel on his birthday this year. :)
PS. That man behind you in the last photo: is he coming out of a toilet? ;P Ahha.

Bárbara said...

wow that place is incredible!

Ali Hval said...

Such pretty picutres! I love Mr. Mushroom, he looks awesome. Your skirt and shirt combo in the first outfit is adorable. :)

A said...

Lovely photos! I like your coat. :-)

Daniel said...

I love you and I love walking out in the woods with you mijn liefje. When you come I want to rent a boat and spend the day at Delsjön. Deal?

Tot morgen!

marmushka said...

ik ben ook zo verslaafd aan tumblr!! ik ben blij dat ik niet de enige ben :)
supermooie jas trouwens.
liefs! x

Laurein said...

Prachtige jas laura! Wat fijn dat je leven weer even in de plooi ligt. Enkele maanden geleden was dat bij mij ook zo; de keuze van op een kamer in antwerpen te blijven of van thuis uit te pendelen..
Alles komt uiteindelijk wel oké ;)
Ik volg je op tumblr en mijn adres vind je op mijn blog.
Liefs x

till said...

i dont have a tumblr account, but i have soup.io - it's quite similar thing, but more popular here, in poland, than tumblr, i suppose. http://njosnavelin.soup.io/ - this is my soup. oh yeah, and i have stolen some of the pictures from your tumblr, i must admit ;) but it's so lovely i couldn't help doing it.

you start your school there so early! in Poland we still have a month for full-time free procrastination. i've been promising myself that i'll spend that time improving my language skills, reading books i have to read at school etc., but.. well.

Anonymous said...

dear laura,
i've read your blog forever but just realized i've never commented anything.

i just got to say that first of all, i adore you (and that coat) and i think you're the sweetest person i've ever seen.
i know you're having a hard time, but the main thing is the love and i believe you will stand all the shitty things becose of daniel and your friends. never stop blogging! i hope i had a big sister like you.
i also have a hard situation here - i'm finishing school and my boyfriend moved to helsinki which is like a 700km away. it's almost too much to stand for me right know but i just have to learn how to deal with it. (or i have to find the courage to move in the 'big city')

love, kisses,

Ezra said...
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Jessica said...

haha, how funny! one of the more recent pictures on your tumblr (of a couple in bed) i know them!! how weird!

Jessica said...

also: i know i've been a terrible blogger but you inspired me to start a tumblr.