27th of September

My dress is from H&M.

Another busy week, really.. My brother and his girlfriend came to visit me over the weekend, which was really fun. They finally got me to see Inception, which I wasn't initially excited by cause I really don't like action-movies. But I LOVED it. I think the promotion I've seen paints such a faulty picture of what the film is actually like. Thought it was great, I loved how complicated it was.

Now I have to work on a ton of school-assignments, but of course it's much more appealing to watch 5 episodes of Gilmore Girls each day. I'm down to the least season and have to find a new series to watch. Any suggestions?


Anne-Fleur said...

Ik vond Pushing Daisies erg leuk
En hoorde dat Mad Men leuk was.

Maddie said...

Ik weet niet of je Glee al gezien hebt, maar die is erg leuk! Ik heb in drie dagen bijna het hele seizoen gekeken.

geneviève bjargardóttir said...

dead like me - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L4u6zw7QaWw

Anonymous said...

Bored to Death

Laura @ The World Looks Red said...

Thanks! Seen all of those except Dead Like Me and Weeds (well, I've seen episodes of those but never really got into it).

I LOOOVED Pushing Daisies, I don't understand why it got cancelled so soon! And I've tried Mad Men; the style is pretty but I found the show a bit boring.. Maybe I should give it another go.

geneviève bjargardóttir said...

yes! pushing daises was so nice too. the same man - Bryan Fuller - created it and dead like me, which by the way ALSO got canceled after only two seasons... the poor man must have bad luck - but great talent! why do they kill the good shows and let the bad ones run on and on and on?

Piia Õ. said...

I saw Inception yesterday, because all of my friends recommended it. And it was truly great! I love how complexe it was. I'm definitely going to see Shutter Island too, they say that it is even better! :)

Taylor Kitto / The Little Deer said...

i was going to say pushing daisies as well until i read the previous comments!
suuuuuch a wonderful show.. i can watch it over and over!

p.s. you look gorgeous!!! that dress is stunning on you

Anne-Fleur said...

Ja, ik snap het ook niet..
ga nu trouwens Flight of the Conchords proberen, geen idee of het leuk is.

Phara said...

The IT crowd!

bloody said...

CHUCK is a cute show, also REAPER. reaper was cancelled after two seasons as well (boo!!!) but i loved it. and chuck is still playing with season four just started. i liked the first two seasons, it's worth a look.

Slanelle said...

I have the same dress :) It looks so pretty on you !

P. said...

I have exactly the same dress and I'm wearing it the same way, with black tights ^3^
I love it!!

And... The same for Inception!! *3*
Some friends invited me (they had a free ticket) in july, I was quite surprised about this movie... I thought it would be a bad action movie, kind of Matrix... But not at all!! It's a psychological thriller about memory, souvenirs, dreamlike ... In the maze of the human mind, you end up totally lost in these multiple realities ... As Cobb / Di Caprio at the end ... I liked this open ending, and all the emotion that emanated from it ...
Personally I liked it better than Shutter Island ^^
How did you understood the end of Inception? It's funny to see everybody has its own idea about the end!

About good TV shows... If you never saw Carnivale (HBO), I truly recomend it, it's my favorite TV show *3*
I love True Blood too (it's funny), 6 feet under, DeadWood... Dexter... I heard Mad Men was good but I never saw it!
Kisses from Paris ;)


Jiawen said...

Wonderfalls! Also created by Bryan Fuller.
And I love your dress! :)

Laurein said...

Ik keek al grey's anatomy en gossip girl en vampire diaries..
Ben ook begonnen met californication, maar die vind ik niet zo wauw. Binnenkort ook weeds en house MD.. Maar dit zijn meer de commerciële, heb je dexter al gezien?

Je prints van de vorige post zijn super, ik ga ook blij zijn als ik terug een digitale heb..

Suze said...

ik vind jou blog zo leuk
ook onzettend leuk om te lezen over je vriendje in zweden (zwedeeen :)) en de mooie foto's!
al jou jurkjes zijn zo lief

Carissa Clark said...

This is so adorable, I love your blog! I've been watching all the seasons of FRIENDS, I'm on season 6 and there's 10 seasons but I LOVEE it. Or you can't go wrong with Mad Men.

AlexDylanGrohl said...

That dress is just so beautiful.
Thank you for keep writing.

Alex from Tijuana, Mexico.

Idée Géniale said...

I'm really hoping that i can find this dress here in NYC. The first thing I said when I saw this picture was,: Oh god, I want this dress! You look lovely.