Way Out West

Time for Way Out West! We started on thursdaynight by going to Junip and Caribou. We wanted to do more but we were soaked with rain so that took a bit of our partylust away.
On friday it was time for the festival!
We saw Panda Bear first. However much I love Panda Bear and Animal Collective, I didn't think Panda Bears live set was that great. Danny Perez was there and he made live visuals, that was cool though.
Then we took a foodbreak with fries and burgers.

My eyes looked weird, so sorry for the crop. Just wanted to show you my lovely new dress from Modcloth. My cardigan is from Zara and the shoes are from Topshop.

We saw a part of Beach House and Wu Tang Clan and then we went back to the apartment for a while to meet up with Danny's parents who just arrived to Gothenburg. On the way out of the press/VIP area I ran into KIRSTEN DUNST but she was wearing sunglasses so I wasn't sure it was her until I read it in the newspaper the next day. I would have LOVED to photograph her. Balls.
Then we watched The National with lovely Thomas and I had to pose with him.

Sofia's nailpolish was the exact same colour as my wristband!
Iggy iggy iggy. He was great.
There was a zeppelin.
Then it was time for Jonsi. I really liked their visuals but it wasn't as cosy and wonderful as when I saw Jonsi in Amsterdam.

Beautiful Elke and Carl were standing in the first row, they really enjoyed it.

About halfway through the Jonsi set we left to see LCD Soundsystem. This way I got to see a little bit of both, so I didn't feel so bad (I was complaining about this in an earlier post).

Next up were The XX, who I didn't like that much but they had really nice light.

Then we partied a bit more in the VIP-area (didn't it look lovely?). But because Daniels brother was getting married the next day we called it an early night and didn't go to any clubs.

The next day we went to the wedding and it was lovely. Pictures will follow later.

On saturdaynight Daniel played at Stay Out West (Jazzhuset) with his band EF. It was wonderful and there were so many people there! Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures, so if anyone has any, feel free to send them to me! I'd love to see some.


x said...

I love your blog! this looks great. looks like you had fun.
love your dress and the whole outfit is beautiful :)

Samantha Conlon said...

your hair is noticeably more healthy, lovely !

Sarah Walker said...

These are great!

...and Iggy should really start wearing a shirt!

Abigail Oliveros said...

wow Kirsten Dunst, amazing! I am still awaiting to see and/or meet a celebrity, that is how exciting my life really is. ahaha

looks like a wonderful time.

much love

Ismay said...

I love Caribou and Beach House. I'm with you on the xx, they were incredibly dull when I saw them at Glastonbury. Oh and I really like that Modcloth dress!

Nicola said...

Your cardigan looks lovely, such a pretty colour. :)
These are some amazing photographs. Looks like a good time. :)

Aleyn Comprendio said...

Oh Im so jealous you get to see Jonsi play!
Such wonderful pictures.

Anonymous said...

lovely pictures looks like you had a wonderful time! & you saw iggy! i'm jealous :) beautiful outfit too, you always have the most romantic dresses :)