On saturday we went to Olso! I think my favorite part was going by bus, so many beautiful views on the way:

After 3,5 hours on the bus we got to Norway.
The Norwegian language is like Swedish but they just spell things really weird.

And they have supertall buildings in Oslo.

We walked a bit and sat in a park for a bit and had Edamame for lunch.

We walked thought the botanical garden and we found our way to the Munch-museum.

We went to a street with tons of secondhandshops and met up with the lovely Mariell (Ponygraph) there.
Mariell had some of her photos printed in a magazine.
We had some ridiculously expensive beer at Blå and then we went to Hells Kitchen to have some ridiculously expensive pizza.

This was my pizza and it was good.

But not as good as when we went to Sebastian and Johanna the day before and had 'plankstek'
Oh my god, best ever.

So yeah, that was my weekend, more or less. I thought Olso was nice, but everything is so extremely expensive (75 KR/9,50€ for beer, 140KR/18€ for pizza) that I don't think we'll go back there soon, if ever. Wow.


kate maggie said...

Your weekend looked so much fun! It looks gorgeous there. I want to go! :) And that so cool about your friends prints in the mag. Hope you have a great week. x

Sibylle said...

Wow, i cant believe it's so expensive... hope you enjoyed your trip all te same
You and your lover are so cute :)

Michela Heim said...

hey, you went to some really nice places in Oslo! :) and I know, it's so expensive, but we earn a lot more here like I have a job right now and no education for it and I have 160/hour. so the living is pretty good. as well even though it doesn't make any sense, poor tourists! :(

Ismay said...

€50 for beer? Wow. That's unbelievable!

Mariell Amélie said...

and 75kr is not even the most expensive beer. hope i'll see you again, and hopefully in london or somewhere else where its less expensive. even i got a slight shock after a year in england.

stephanie said...

you hear that its expensive.
but THAT expensive?
oh my, i wanted to go there next summer, but i don't think thats very affordable..

Samantha Conlon said...

i'm going there at the end of the month for two nights, is there nowhere cheap to eat at all!?

Bárbara said...

Looks like a nice place but i agree it's very expensive as you said!!

Valeria said...

all the food looks so yummy, also the edamames :)

Laura @ The World Looks Red said...

Thanks for the comments, everyone!

Michela: Yeah, you hear that a lot, that people from Sweden go to Norway just to work. Are you there indefinitely or are you coming back to Sweden?

Stephanie: Come to Sweden instead! It's still pricey compared to other countries but it's much more affordable than Norway, and just as nice in my opinion.

Samantha: I'm sure there are cheaper places but we didn't see any, haha.

Miriam H. Soltveit said...

I know right! I'm from Norway and I went to visit Scotland this summer and couldn't believe that it was so cheap there comparing to Norway. Hope we join EU soon. Maybe things will change ;)

Michela Heim said...

that's right! it's easy to earn a load of money here. and I've lived here for five years now (so have four of my friends and my sister) I got a good job and now I got into Oslo Photo Art School and it's for two years to begin with, and after that I want to travel and attend school some place else in the world. my dream though, is to one day move back home to Sweden, into a big house, close to the ocean working on different photo projects all day long. ^^