I'm sorry I haven't been answering any of your mails lately. It's just seems like all the suckyness in the universe gathered itself in the past week. Okay, maybe it's not that bad, but I had to leave Sweden, I had to start school again and my flatmate moved and it's up to me to find a new flatmate. First I thought it would be a great opportunity for me and Daniel to live together. After a lot of talking and thinking and calculating we decided we couldn't afford this right now without going into huge debt, plus it was all too much to arrange in such a short time (he had to quit his job, he had to find a job here, we had to move his stuff here, we have to buy a lot of new furniture, he has to get a new insurance, he didn't know what to do with EF etc etc). So yeah, that was the good news I was hoping to give you.

However, we are making real plans now. I found a lovely girl who wants to live with me for now, and come january or so Daniel will come this way. We will start looking for jobs and appartments and take our time to arrange things properly.

So I'm ok now. I'd rather do this the right way.

Now I'm going to try to fix the hot water so I can take a shower and try to make this a good day.

Thank you all again for being so lovely to me during these stressful times. I will be back soon for real.