Here are a few photos from the past days:

Elke and I have been shopping a lot together. This is a little boutique called Prickig Katt.

Rosa and Clara were visiting Gothenburg and we went to Liseberg. Elke and I both got Lisebergs-yearmemberships so we can go anytime we want, wooohoo.

The Ronsdorf sisters.

Clara and Elke



Percy Owl said...

Great photos! I'm not going to pick a favourite because I actually can't choose?!
But why do portraits of people look so good lately?


Ali Hval said...

What neat looking pictures. :D and that first store seems like it has so many things!

Valeria said...

very nice photos, the boutique is genail.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos and shop! :)

Laura @ The World Looks Red said...

Yeah the boutique was great, lots of lovely things that I really wanted.

Rosalie said...

that little pink amp is so cute! I'm hoping to go to Liseberg when I'm in Gothenburg next month. xxx

Bárbara said...

those vintage toys are just adorable!
also like the rest of the pics, specially the one in which you appear with that candy

Estefanía said...

So lovely photos!

Christine said...

Love the photos! That monkey with the baby dolls is creepy.

Rino said...

Wonderful pictures !



Chloe and Alicia said...

the picture with you holding the heart sucker looks like something youd see on flickr. and your outfits are adorable! and of course you look like zooey deschanel. too cute.