15th of July

Sweater from Primark
Skirt is secondhand + DIY
Shoes are from Flash
The canvas Mogwai bag I stole from Daniel. Daniel also took these pictures.

I'm looking a bit more casual than I'm used to, with greasy hair and no make-up! Just a quick run to the EF-rehearsalroom to pick up some equipment before we spent some time being creative with a new Halo of Pendor song, which hopefully will be finished soon. We recorded lots of percussion-sounds around the house using things like matchsticks, kisses, kiwi's, windows, cassettes, plants, spoons, coins, pens, water and lots more. It was fun! Daniel has been working for a few hours now to get everything into a nice beat.

This morning it was so incredibly rainy but it cleared up to be a very lovely afternoon. This weekend both my friends Rosa and Elke are coming to Gothenburg. Rosa just for a few days and Elke for much longer. ♥


Valeria said...

looks fantastic :)

Lukas Gädicke said...

beautiful pictures!

kiss me quick said...

how lovely ^^ The skirt is beautiful, puts the outfit together.

I also like the photo with the stairs.

great inspiration indeed

xxx kissmequick

be.aoi said...

you are gorgeous! the first picture is amazing!

María Inés said...

I like!!

Taylor Kitto / The Little Deer said...

you always look so beautiful and stylish.

brunatreme said...

love the skirt <33
You have such a cute style!


Nikki said...

the skirt is gorgeous :)
you've got a great style.

Metka: Matka said...

lovely skirt

Metka: Matka said...

lovely skirt

Victoria Elena said...

You have such cute bangs!

JGM said...

I actually think you look quite lovely, and I adore this outfit. :)

Vio said...

very cute outfit!
good style girl!