Questions and answers

Thanks everyone for asking such lovely questions!
Here are the answers:

What do you study?

I study media production. Basically I'm educated in all the different types of media and how to stategically use them to reach your desired clientele. This could make me end up anywhere from working at a magazine or a website to TV and radio. I'm floating a bit more towards the direction of magazines and internet, so I can combine all my skills; writing, photography and my media-degree. I recently finished an internship at a big Dutch musicmagazine.

Is your photography part of your career, or do you have another job?
Not right now, really. I should try and look for photojobs but I've been busy with lots of things like school and internships and traveling. I don't have a job right now but I've worked at restaurants for the past 6 years or so. Right now I'm living off my student grant & loan for a bit.

What did you think your life would be like 10 years ago?
Good question! I was 11 then. I guess I always had in mind that I wanted to do something with writing, and I've always had a really strong connection with images. So I guess it makes sense that I'm doing what I do. I certainly hadn't pictured myself spending so much time in Sweden with such a lovely man! I think right then I was still convinced I was going to marry Thom Yorke.

What's your favorite and least favorite food?
I have a few favorites; I really love pizza, I could eat it every day but unfortunately a person needs more nutrients than that. Another big big junkfood favorite is fries with lots of mayonaise. And I love falafel. And edamame beans. And burritos. And hamburgers. Oh so much good food!
My least favorite is fish. I really don't like fish or any seafood. I also can't stand cheese when it's not melted.

Are you a vegetarian?
No, Daniel is a vegetarian and he even used to be vegan. That's why we eat a lot of vegetarian and vegan meals at home. When we eat out I do often eat meat, though. But I don't miss it at home. For example; this is a completely vegan meal we eat a lot and it's soooo good.

tofu and Veggo-chickenreplacement with bulgur, salad and vegetables stirfried in curry and coconutmilk. Superyummy and superhealthy!

Are the pics from Daniels phone naturally like that or do you edit them? if so what program do you use?
We use an iPhone app called Hipstamatic. I feel sort of lame 'faking' Holga photos but I really like the way these come out. At least a lot nicer than the 'regular' phonecamera.

How did you and your boyfriend meet?
We met in October 2008 on a ship called MS Stubnitz in the harbour of Amsterdam. His band was playing there and my friend conviced me to go see them. You can read the whole story in this blogpost.

Are you planning on moving to Sweden?
There is a possibility. Being in a long distance relationship is extremely difficult and I'm really proud of the fact that Daniel and I manage so well. Of course it can be devastating at times but I think that only proves how much we care about each other and how hard it is to be away from each other. For now the only problem is that I want to finish my studies (which is 2 more years) and get a diploma. I really hope we find a solution (meaning, an apartment in Amsterdam) before that time. If not, I guess I will move here after I'm done. I feel really comfortable in Sweden, it's such an amazing country with beautiful nature, interesting culture and wonderful people and I absolutely love every minute I'm spending here.

What is the favorite piece of clothing that you own?
That's hard! I really love white lace dresses, I love tulle.. But really my favorite item is constantly changing. It's usually the latest things I bought, like right now I'm practically living in this dress:

Also, I think this is one of the prettiest dresses I own but I don't wear it in everyday life that often.

How come you can always be wearing dresses? I mean; I wish I could, but I always have hair growing and showing!
Haha! It's easy to always wear dresses cause I don't own pants! Of course I don't feel like shaving my legs every other day but that can be covered with tights.

Do you feel totally comfortable in your body? And if you could, would you change (for example by plastic surgery) anything you don't like?
I would say I feel comfortable in my body. Of course every person has things they're not 100% happy with, especially girls. When I was young, other kids used to tease me about my big nose. But instead of trying to change it, I embrace it and know that it's one of the things that gives me character and makes me different. I wouldn't be me without it. I'm so upset with this culture of plastic surgery and unrealistic beautystandards. I'm really disappointed in young girls like Heidi Montag or Ashley Simpson, who after plastic surgery lost all their charm and just became super generic-looking.

How tall are you?
167 cm, I think.

What are your best beautytips? And your favorite products?

I was actually thinking of doing a post on my beautyproducts etc soon, cause I do get quite a lot of questions about that and want to give it more attention. So that'll be coming up soon.

Do you dye your hair?
Yes, I have to. A few years ago I dyed my hair white-blond, and my hair is still really damaged from that; I would strongly recommend staying away from bleach. When I went back to brown -my natural haircolour- about 4 years ago, the colour didn't hold that well on the parts that have been bleached. It still hasn't grown out fully, and I know I should just chop it off, but I really want to keep my length.

Me in 2005 with blond hair.

Favorite movies?
I really like the old Disney movies. And I have such a giant giant love for Jim Henson Company films, not particularly the Muppets, but movies like The Dark Crystal or The Labyrinth, and the TV series Dinosaurs. I really wish I could become a puppetmaker ever since I've seen the making of The Dark Crystal. It makes me extremely sad that puppetry is such a dying art, I have such a strong dislike towards the fact that everything is done with CGI these days. It lacks so much personality and magic.

What camera do you use?
I use a Canon EOS 1000D. I must admit it'd love to have a better one but I really wanted a DSLR and this is the only one I could afford at the time. Anyway, I hardly ever use the kit-objective cause it's really bad; I bought a 50mm 1.8 instead so now the quality of my pictures is, say, sufficient until I win the lottery or get a job again. Besides the digital I use a Minolta X-700 (analog SLR).

I also created a formspring account, so for any further questions you can always go there, or just send me an e-mail, of course.



29th of July

My dress is from N.Y. Collection.

Tonight I think I'll get around to answering your questions for the Q&A, but of course you can still keep sending in everything you want to know!

P.S., does anyone know anything fun to do in Oslo? Tips for like fun museums and sightseeing? Maybe not that much shopping cause I'm going with Daniel and I don't want to do that to him, only if there are like exceptionally awesome must-visit stores. It'd be great if anyone could help cause we have no plans at all.


28th of July

I'm still taking questions for my Q&A so feel free to fire away!


26th of July

A few days ago we went to the park for minigolf and icecream. I should remember to take more pictures!

And some of Daniels phone-pictures:

He braided me a bracelet from straw, haha

I wanted to thank you for all the lovely mails and comments I'm getting. I really appreciate every single one of them. One of my readers, Klara, sent this drawing she made of me. Thanks so much!

I was thinking of doing a Q&A so if you have any questions you can leave a comment or send me an email and I will answer all of them in a blogpost soon.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!


23rd of July

I'm sorry I haven't been blogging much! I've been having a great time doing lots of fun things and when I get home I'm just too tired to blog. I got this cute new dress at H&M! It's definitely a new favorite, I wore it yesterday to lindyhop-class and I love the way it moves when I dance!

Also, I found this cute little present in my mailbox yesterday:

It's a gold necklace that I got from the lovely people at Mynamenecklace.com. I love it! It's like the one Carrie has in Sex and The City. And I get to offer my readers a little something extra! By using the promotioncode LOOKSRED with your order, you will get a 5% discount on your own handmade name-necklace, available in many different designs.


Here are a few photos from the past days:

Elke and I have been shopping a lot together. This is a little boutique called Prickig Katt.

Rosa and Clara were visiting Gothenburg and we went to Liseberg. Elke and I both got Lisebergs-yearmemberships so we can go anytime we want, wooohoo.

The Ronsdorf sisters.

Clara and Elke



18th of July

Here are some pictures of the lovely dress I got from Miss Patina!

Yesterday morning we went to the market and bought tons of fruit and vegetables. I get so happy when I open the fridge and see this!

Also, I think I'm done editing my layout. What do you think? Anything I should change?


17th of July

I'm editing my blog layout! It's not finished yet, I'll try to make it prettier over the next few days.

Yesterdaymorning Elke arrived to Gothenburg, she is my friend from Belgium. She will be staying here for about 1,5 months! We went secondhandshopping yesterday, it's fun to have a friend around who likes shopping as much as I do, haha.

My handbag was only 30 SEK (=less than 3 euro)! I've been looking for a bag like this for ages so I was very excited when I found it, especially for this price! My white pumps were 50 SEK.

My dress is the same dress as from a couple of posts ago. I love it so much that I almost don't want to wear anything else.

I also bought these lovely shoes:

Love love love love.

And a fairytalebook to improve my Swedish!


15th of July

Sweater from Primark
Skirt is secondhand + DIY
Shoes are from Flash
The canvas Mogwai bag I stole from Daniel. Daniel also took these pictures.

I'm looking a bit more casual than I'm used to, with greasy hair and no make-up! Just a quick run to the EF-rehearsalroom to pick up some equipment before we spent some time being creative with a new Halo of Pendor song, which hopefully will be finished soon. We recorded lots of percussion-sounds around the house using things like matchsticks, kisses, kiwi's, windows, cassettes, plants, spoons, coins, pens, water and lots more. It was fun! Daniel has been working for a few hours now to get everything into a nice beat.

This morning it was so incredibly rainy but it cleared up to be a very lovely afternoon. This weekend both my friends Rosa and Elke are coming to Gothenburg. Rosa just for a few days and Elke for much longer. ♥


14th of July

My dress is an original from the '50s.


13th of July

Dress: Shikha
Necklace: H&M Kids

Yesterday Daniel and I went cycling all day and made a thrifting round. We didn't find anything good but we've seen some furniture that we're thinking about getting. Later in the day I bought this dress. When I buy a new dress I always have to wear it right away, even though today has been a rainy day with lots of movies, naps, chocolate and taco leftovers (♥). This dress is so light and soft and pretty! I'll be wearing it a lot.